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Climastar Water Heating

A new and more efficient way to heat water in your home with an energy-saving compact thermal storage.

Climastar thermal energy storage technology uses patented Phase Change Materials to make homes more energy efficient and sustainable, while reducing carbon emissions.

Our heat batteries can be charged with large amounts of energy from renewable and other sources and released to deliver hot water on demand.

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Climastar Water Heating

Climastar heat batteries are energy-saving thermal stores that efficiently store heat for hot water on demand. Up to 4x more compact than traditional hot water cylinders and with far lower heat losses, they are easy to install and compatible with a wide choice of energy sources including heat pumps, solar PV and boilers.

They are silent in operation, unlike a cylinder, there is zero maintenance, no legionella risk because the water always comes out at 62 degrees, and depending on the size of unit you purchase, you purchased, it will deliver between 140 litres and 280 litres of hot water at 62 degrees from one charge. The discharge rate is the same rate as your cold water coming into the house, so you have mains pressure hot water through the entire house. The discharge rate is probably significantly higher than that coming out of a hot water cylinder, so your bath fills quicker, and your shower may not need a booster pump to operate.



Climastar Water Heaters

Why Choose Climastar thermal energy storage

It’s between 2 and 3 times faster to heat than a cylinder.

You get the full hot water capacity at 62c degrees from the charge (140 litres from Climastar Q6, 210 litres from Climastar Q9 and 280 litres from a Climastar Q12) unlike a cylinder where you are only getting a limited delivery of hot water at 62c.

Because it’s better insulated, a Climastar Q9, would only lose 0.73kW/24 hrs as compared to a cylinder which would lose 2.5kW to 4kW. That’s why your tank does not stay hot for 24 hrs after you have switched it off.

You can charge it up on the economy 7 electricity and because of the increased capacity, it will give you hot water for many baths and showers all day long. Come home from work and want another bath or shower, and you will still get piping hot water.

Never storing water, storing energy so no legionella risk.

Can remove cold water tanks from your loft so you reduce the risk of severe water damage to your lovely home.

Gives you extra space in your cupboard. Can even be installed in your kitchen if you want to knock down your airing cupboard to extend a bedroom or bathroom.

Takes up the same space as a small fridge.

Hot water at mains pressure

Silent in operation

Tested to a life capacity of 40,000 recharge cycles, which is 109 years if you even recharged it once a day. In most cases it would be once in every 2 or 3 days.

Can charge at night on the economy 7 circuit and give you hot water all day.

If you have a gas or oil fuelled boiler, which is heating a cylinder for hot water, remove the cylinder, install the Climastar Water Heater and get virtually free hot water every time you run your central heating, which is on average 260 days a year. This will reduce your fuel bill and reduce your CO2 emissions as against heating your water by gas or oil.



How Does It Work

Energy-saving compact thermal storage

Climastar thermal energy storage technology uses patented Phase Change Materials to make homes and buildings more energy efficient and sustainable, while reducing carbon emissions.
Climastar heat batteries can be charged with large amounts of energy from renewable and other sources, and released to deliver hot water on demand across a wide range of temperatures, and for a wide range of residential and industrial applications.

The company’s range of heat batteries for the residential market provide a low carbon, reliable, space-saving alternative to traditional hot water cylinders, safely cutting energy consumption and fuel costs.
Whether you’re planning to improve your existing property or embarking on a new self-build home project, Climastar eco-friendly, safe, efficient and compact heat batteries will integrate perfectly with your preferred heating controls to deliver cascades of hot water and highly responsive space heating to your dream home.

Ensure access to instant hot water, and save money.

Climastar’s unrivalled super-compact heat battery technology has been intelligently designed to provide a clean, energy-efficient and cost-effective thermal energy storage solution.

Providing home comfort

Up to four times smaller than the average family’s hot water cylinder, Climastar heat batteries can replace standard hot water cylinders and work with existing boilers, mains electricity or renewable sources to reduce energy use and increase living space.

Extended life cycle and reliability

Climastar heat storage cells come with a market-leading 10-year warranty, and you can rely on them to keep working without degradation for decades after that. Not only that, Climastar heat batteries are easier to install than hot water cylinders, and require no routine maintenance.
Climastar Heat Batteries are the obvious choice for anyone wanting to reduce energy consumption, maximise renewables and save space in the home.

Increase utility storage space

Optimise heating during peak usage times
Works with a wide choice of energy sources
Single and Dual Circuit models work with a wide choice of thermal energy sources
Simple user interface
Simple user interface shows heat battery state of charge

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