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Magma Stone

Magma stone means energy saving.

Magma stone is manufactured under 400kg/cm² of pressure and then baked at 1500c. It is natural stone from the earth’s crust. During the manufacturing process we add Silicon and aluminium to assist with heat storage and heat transfer into the room. With Magma, we guarantee the best heat transfer for longer, therefore keeping the room temperature stable to within 1c and reducing energy consumption. So you stay warmer and reduce your carbon footprint.

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Our Products - Harmony by Climastar

The Product

Is it time you switched to sustainable and energy saving electric heating?

Try to forget your idea of what a radiator looks like, and replace it with a stylish and exquisite electric equivalent, controlled by the latest modern technology. 

That’s what Climastar offer with the new Harmony range, exclusive to the UK. 

With Magma Stone, you get a unique radiator in a range of finishes.  You’ll be forgiven for not realising that this is an actual radiator. 

Magma Stone is a natural stone from the earth’s crust. It’s manufactured under 400kg/cm2 of pressure and then baked at 1500c. During the manufacturing process, Silicon and Aluminium is added to assist with heat storage and heat transfer into a room.  

Magma guarantees the best heat transfer for longer. Therefore, keeping the room temperature stable to within 1c and reducing energy consumption. 

Now’s your opportunity to get rid of those old rusty steel radiators and replace them with the majestic Magma Stone, whilst reducing your carbon footprint at the same time.

Why Choose Magma Stone

A Magma Stone radiator is not dependent on water temperature or a boiler. It works at 100% efficiency. All the electricity used is turned into heat, so the money you spend is not wasted. It comes with its own thermostat, which is one of the most accurate available. Most thermostats are accurate to within 2c, but the Harmony thermostat is accurate to within +/- 0.05c. For every 1c increase in temperature, your heating cost can increase by as much as 10%, therefore having a more accurate thermostat will reduce your energy consumption as the room never overheats.

As each radiator in the Harmony range works individually, there’s no need for pipework or disrupting installation. There’s no need for annual maintenance and your radiator should last a lifetime. You can say goodbye to unsightly rust and to cold spots in your rooms from ageing radiators.

What a difference it could make to your home.

The Magma Stone is designed in such a way to give comfort, ensuring you get the benefit of both radiant and convected heat with an even distribution in the room. Furthermore, you gain peace of mind knowing you have a wonderfully warm house, while significantly reducing your carbon footprint. And there’s very little effort from you to that effect. Plug it in, set your controls and enjoy the benefits.
Don’t forget, the design means it will also look fantastic in your home.

Heating Cruise Control (HACC)

The Harmony Cruise Control (HACC) uses minimal power consumption to maintain a constant temperature avoiding peaks and troughs of power usage and heat output. It is based on a predictive algorithm that adjust the consumption based on the thermostat readings (accuracy of +/- 0.05ºC).

3 Level Temperature Selector

You can have total control over your heat output with 3 easy selections. Comfort, Eco and Frost. This gives you the ability to set your heating system up to ensure you’re using the correct amount of energy throughout the day.

Real Time Monitoring

The Magma Stone can combine with Wi-fi and wireless, which allows you to reduce energy consumption. It also means you can view your energy usage in real time. Hence you are totally in control of your costs and comfort. No big bill surprises at the end of each month.  (Requires wi-fi)

Google Home and Alexa

The Climastar product range includes state of the art integration with the latest smart-home technology. So you can control your heating through voice activation. You can easily pair the apps with Climastar products. (Requires wi-fi)


Your Harmony heating system knows when you are home or away thanks to a Geolocator. So, if you have to leave unexpectedly, it will turn your heating down. When it ‘sees’ you coming home, it switches your heating to a higher setting. (Requires wi-fi)

Open Window Technology

With a Harmony product, you no longer need to worry about heat escaping from an open window or door. It will sense that the window is open and go into standby mode. Then, turn back on again when you close the window. Thus, you are not losing any heat and that saves you money.

How Does It Work

Creating the Teide Curved Range involves a very specialised manufacturing process. The entire Harmony range is made from combining Aluminium and Silicon into a heat battery. No resin nor agglutinin is used in the manufacture of these products, only pressure and heat. Exactly the way natural stone is formed. This is why it is inalterable. At manufacture, all the pieces follow a final step of photography, visual and planimetric quality control to detect any possible defect. The combination of heat and pressure produces the highest possible density due to contraction of the material during the firing and pressing process. The density therefore allows the stone to retain heat for long periods of time without drawing high amounts of energy, so you stay warmer for longer without the need for continuous electrical input. The end result is a beautiful stone radiator that is in effect a Silicon Battery. All Harmony range products use two separate Silicon Heat Batteries. The front heat battery is designed to store heat and release that heat into the room for longer periods whilst drawing very little power. The front panel is manufactured with a ‘double core’ heat conduction chamber that optimises the convection process. The second Magma heat battery at the back of the heater absorbs heat that would have escaped into the back wall and transmits it back into the room, wasting less energy. Every Kilowatt of heat produced is passed into the room.

Therefore, the room stays warmer and the costs are reduced. So the room stays warmer and the costs are reduced.

Our Products - Harmony by Climastar

What Are The Benefits

With any Electric Heating System, you will benefit from a warm home while being kinder to the environment at the same time. With Harmony electric heating, there is 100% efficiency from your heating product, with no wastage. Because you are not burning fossil fuels, there are no pollutants released into the atmosphere. Additionally, there is no risk of a carbon monoxide leak in your home, as with gas. Or if using oil, there’s no risk of an environmental spillage.

Furthermore, you don’t need your fuel delivered to your door, and you don’t need to store it. Your Magma Stone radiator is hard wired into your electrical circuit. Using our award winning wireless thermostat you can set your temperature, set the times when you want your room to be heated and enjoy the control it gives you over your heating. The thermostat will “learn” your heating patterns and using an algorithm will work out when to draw power to heat the room to the exact temperature you have selected. Our thermostat’s keyboard is intuitive and very easy to use. Selecting the best temperature, or programing your heating to switch off or on, is simple and straightforward, just how you want it to be. Because our Thermostatic control units are wireless, they can be positioned where ever the customer wishes in the room, on the wall or as a free standing unit.

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