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Limestone – Elegant Slate Radiators

Introducing our Limestone model, the epitome of elegance and sophistication in slate radiators. Our Limestone radiators are meticulously designed to bring both beauty and functionality to your space. With their sleek and modern appearance, they will instantly enhance the aesthetic of any room while providing efficient and effective heating. Available in Terra Limestone and White Limestone.

What Are Limestone Electric Radiators?

Limestone is a natural slate finish that exudes a contemporary vibe, making it a perfect choice for those seeking a modern and innovative heating solution.

Our Limestone electric radiators come in two stunning finishes: Terra Limestone and White Limestone. Terra Limestone radiators showcase the natural beauty of slate with its earthy tones and unique patterns, while White Limestone radiators offer the versatility to be painted in any colour, allowing you to perfectly match your decor.

Our Limestone Slate Radiators

Experience the epitome of elegance and functionality with our exceptional Limestone electric heaters. Designed to be the focal point of any room, these electric radiators seamlessly blend contemporary style with innovative heating technology. Available in two exquisite finishes, Terra Limestone and White Limestone, each radiator is a unique work of art that adds a touch of sophistication to your living space.

Terra Limestone radiators boast a natural slate finish, exuding a modern and innovative charm. The distinctiveness of each piece ensures that your radiator becomes a true statement of individuality, enhancing the ambiance of any room. With its sleek and captivating design, Terra Limestone radiators create an aura of artistic brilliance that elevates your interior décor to a whole new level.

For those seeking versatility and customisation, our White Limestone electric radiators are the perfect choice. These beautifully crafted energy-efficient heaters can be painted in any colour or left in their natural finish. This flexibility allows you to seamlessly integrate them into any decorative theme, effortlessly blending with your existing colour palette or serving as a striking contrast. With White Limestone radiators, you have the freedom to transform your heating system into a captivating piece that complements your unique style and personal taste.

Why Limestone Energy-Efficient Heaters Are A Smart Heating Choice

When it comes to choosing a heating solution, Limestone electric radiators offer several advantages. Firstly, they operate at 100% energy-efficiency, meaning all the electricity used is converted into heat without any wastage. This ensures that every bit of energy is utilised effectively, resulting in cost savings and reduced energy consumption. Additionally, our Limestone heaters feature the Harmony thermostat, known for its impressive accuracy of 0.05ºC. With precise temperature control, you can achieve the perfect level of comfort while minimising energy waste. Furthermore, Limestone electric heaters are designed to be durable and long-lasting, eliminating the need for frequent maintenance and replacement.


Reduced Carbon Emissions

Electric radiators do not burn fossil fuels like gas or oil-based heating systems. As a result, they produce zero direct carbon emissions at the point of use. By using electricity generated from renewable energy sources or low-carbon energy grids, the carbon footprint of electric radiators can be further minimised, contributing to the fight against climate change.

Energy Efficiency

Electric radiators are generally more energy-efficient than traditional heating systems that rely on central heating with boilers or furnaces. They convert electricity directly into heat, avoiding energy loss during distribution through pipes or ducts. Higher energy efficiency means less overall energy consumption, leading to a reduced demand for energy resources and a lower environmental impact.

Precise Heating Control

Electric radiators offer individual room temperature control, allowing you to heat only the rooms that are occupied. This zonal heating capability ensures energy isn’t wasted in unoccupied areas, reducing unnecessary energy usage and minimising environmental impacts associated with energy production and consumption.

Compatibility with Renewable Energy

Electric radiators can easily integrate with renewable energy sources, such as solar panels and wind turbines. By harnessing clean and sustainable energy to power electric radiators, you can further decrease reliance on fossil fuels and decrease your carbon footprint, promoting a greener and more sustainable energy future.

Low Environmental Impact Materials

Modern electric radiators are often designed using eco-friendly and recyclable materials, reducing their environmental impact during production and end-of-life disposal. Choosing electric radiators made from sustainable materials supports a circular economy, where resources are conserved and waste is minimised.

Why Choose Limestone Electric Radiators

Choosing Limestone electric radiators is an excellent choice for those who value both style and sustainability. Our Harmony range of Limestone heaters is exclusive to the UK, allowing you to add a unique and distinctive touch to your home. The White Limestone finish offers endless possibilities for customisation, allowing you to match or contrast your radiator with your existing décor. By replacing traditional metal radiators with Limestone electric radiators, you can create a harmonious and cohesive look in your home. Additionally, Limestone radiators contribute to reducing your carbon footprint, as they are designed to be energy-efficient and environmentally friendly.

How Do Our Limestone Slate Radiators Work

Discover the innovative technology behind our Limestone electric heaters, designed to deliver exceptional heating performance while prioritising energy efficiency. At the heart of the Harmony range, these radiators feature the ground-breaking Magma Stone technology, revolutionising the way you experience warmth and comfort in your home.

The key to the superior performance of our energy-efficient radiators lies in the advanced Magma Silicon Battery. This cutting-edge technology greatly enhances heating efficiency while significantly reducing energy consumption. By effectively storing and releasing heat, the Magma Silicon Battery ensures a prolonged and even distribution of warmth throughout the room. Say goodbye to cold spots and hello to consistent, cosy comfort.

The double-core heat conduction chamber incorporated in our Limestone radiators is yet another testament to their exceptional design. This innovative feature optimises the convection process, maximising the transfer of heat into the surrounding space. As a result, you can enjoy a rapid and energy-efficient heating experience, ensuring that your room reaches the desired temperature in no time.

Benefits of Our Slate Radiators

Choosing our slate electric radiators comes with numerous benefits for both your home and the environment. Our radiators provide 100% heating efficiency, ensuring no wastage of heat and maximum energy utilisation. Unlike traditional heating systems, our electric radiators produce no pollutants and pose no risk of carbon monoxide leaks, offering a safer and healthier environment for your family.

Furthermore, our wireless thermostat enables you to set your preferred temperature and heating schedule with ease, providing complete control over your heating requirements. No more reliance on fuel deliveries or storage; our hard-wired Magma Stone radiators are designed for hassle-free operation and require minimal maintenance. With our intuitive and user-friendly thermostat controls, you can effortlessly select the optimal temperature or program your heating settings according to your preferences.

By investing in our slate radiators, you not only enjoy the warmth and beauty they provide but also contribute to a greener future. Embrace the elegance and eco-friendliness of our Limestone radiators, and experience the perfect blend of aesthetics, comfort, and sustainability in your home. Discover the unmatched beauty and functionality of Limestone slate radiators today.

Heating Cruise Control (HACC)

The Harmony Cruise Control (HACC) uses minimal power consumption to maintain a constant temperature avoiding peaks and troughs of power usage and heat output. It is based on a predictive algorithm that adjust the consumption based on the thermostat readings (accuracy of 0,05ºC).

3 Level Temperature Selector

You can have total control over your heat output with 3 easy selections. Comfort, Eco and Frost. This gives you the ability to set your heating system up to ensure you’re using the correct amount of energy throughout the day.

Real Time Monitoring

The Magma Stone can combine with Wi-fi and wireless, which allows you to reduce energy consumption. It also means you can view your energy usage in real time. You are totally in control of your temperature and comfort.

Google Home and Alexa

The Climastar product range includes state of the art integration with the latest smart-home technology. So you can control your heating through voice activation. You can easily pair the apps with Climastar products.


Your Harmony heating system knows when you are home or away thanks to a Geolocator. So, if you have to leave unexpectedly, it will turn your heating down. When it ‘sees’ you coming home, it switches your heating to a higher setting.

Open Window Technology

With a Harmony product, you no longer need to worry about heat escaping from an open window or door. It will sense that the window is open and go into standby mode. Then, turn back on again when you close the window. Thus, you are not losing any heat and that saves you money.

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Teide – World’s First Stone Curved Radiator

Teide curved radiators offer smart, efficient, and eco-friendly heating with their unique Magma Stone design, ensuring prolonged warmth and minimal energy use. Available in Dark Grey Teide and Light Grey Teide. Advanced features like precision thermostats, real-time monitoring, and smart home compatibility provide personalised control and energy-efficient heating. With stylish aesthetics, easy installation, and a 10-year product guarantee, Teide electric radiators are an excellent choice for modern, environmentally conscious homeowners seeking the future of heating technology.

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White Etna – Natural-looking Radiator

Discover the perfect blend of aesthetics and functionality with White Etna electric radiators. These visually stunning energy-efficient radiators offer exceptional performance and come in various sizes and power outputs, ensuring a seamless fit in any room. Crafted with meticulous attention to detail, they boast a durable satin finish, guaranteeing long-lasting beauty without discolouration or deterioration. The use of Magma stone, with a lifetime warranty, ensures unparalleled quality and durability. Through a careful manufacturing process that mimics natural stone formation, White Etna electric radiators exude luxury and sophistication, seamlessly enhancing your home’s décor while providing a reliable energy-efficient heating solution for years to come.

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Natura – Stylish Square or Horizontal Radiator

Our Natura electric radiators embody this commitment to quality and durability. Crafted with meticulous attention to detail and exceptional craftsmanship, these energy-efficient radiators are built to last a lifetime. The combination of sturdy construction and luxurious design ensures that Natura electric heaters bring both elegance and functionality to your home. Whether you prefer a vertical, horizontal, or square configuration, Natura electric radiators seamlessly integrate into any space, complementing your room décor and adding a touch of sophistication. The versatility of Natura radiators allows you to choose the perfect orientation for your specific needs, ensuring energy-efficient heating and maximum comfort.

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Bathroom Radiators

Experience exceptional quality and exquisite design with Harmony bathroom radiators, offering both functionality and aesthetic appeal for a stunning bathroom space. These radiators boast a waterproof construction, meeting all building regulations and ensuring durability in the moisture-rich environment. The slimline design optimises space utilisation, seamlessly integrating into any bathroom layout without compromising on style. Crafted from natural stone, they guarantee timeless beauty and durability, unlike German steel radiators that can chip or rust. With Harmony radiators, you invest in a long-lasting heating solution that enhances your bathroom’s aesthetics, providing efficient heating and a charming, elegant look that lasts for decades.

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Electric Boiler

Climastar offers two top-tier electric boilers, the Thera Combi and Stromboli System Boiler, catering to different property sizes with optimal energy-efficient heating. The Thera Combi excels by providing hot water for radiators and up to 10 litres per minute for baths and showers, suitable for properties with up to two bedrooms. Compact and robust, it boasts 99% efficiency and wireless installation for convenience. The Stromboli System Boiler suits larger properties with up to four bedrooms, working harmoniously with existing hot water cylinders or Climastar’s electric water heaters. Both energy-efficient boilers ensure quiet operation, maximum efficiency, and green, sustainable heating solutions without compromising power or reliability.

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Electric Water Heater

Climastar UK offers state-of-the-art electric water heaters that revolutionise water heating. Featuring compact thermal energy storage batteries, they are up to 4 times smaller than traditional cylinders, saving space and maximising energy efficiency. The heaters are compatible with various energy sources, such as heat pumps, solar PV systems, or boilers, providing flexibility and sustainability. With a single charge, they deliver 140 to 280 litres of hot water, ensuring a consistent supply for showers and baths simultaneously. The electric water heaters also deliver hot water at mains pressure, enhancing the overall experience for users. Experience efficient, space-saving, and versatile water heating with Climastar’s innovative solutions.

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Home Energy Storage Batteries 5-25 kWh

HESS – Home Energy Storage System: A revolutionary energy storage solution for homeowners. Take control of energy consumption, maximise savings by storing excess energy during off-peak hours or from renewables like solar panels. User-friendly interface and app enable monitoring, scheduling, and even EV charging integration. HESS is eco-conscious, reducing reliance on the grid for a greener, sustainable future. Embrace smart energy management, improve your carbon footprint, and enjoy a cost-effective, sustainable energy solution at home.

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