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Climastar HESS ( Home Energy Storage System)

Introducing the Climastar HESS: The Future of Home Energy Storage Witness a revolutionary transformation in how you store and utilise energy in your household with Climastar’s latest breakthrough: HESS, the ultimate home energy storage system.


Take Control Of Your Energy Usage

Discover the potential of our state-of-the-art energy storage batteries, offering a flexible range from 5 to 25 kWh. Take charge of your energy consumption and embrace the wonders of sustainable living through our revolutionary home energy storage solutions.

With HESS, you gain full control of your energy expenses by optimising savings through the utilisation of the most cost-effective and eco-friendly energy sources available. Enhance your energy reserves with a Day/Night tariff or employ a Time of Use (ToU) tariff to procure energy at lower costs and utilise it to power your home during peak charging periods. Embrace the future of energy management with HESS.

 Maximise Savings without Solar

Save with Climastar HESS without solar panels. Utilise off-peak tariffs or Time of Use rates to power your home and achieve excellent returns on investment. EWith a guaranteed 10-year lifespan and the fastest charge rate (1C), it’s the smartest, most cost-effective energy storage solution. Suitable for indoor or outdoor installation with an IP65 rating. Discover Climastar HESS today!

Already harnessing solar power? Adding the HESS system will amplify your savings, seamlessly complementing your existing solar setup for even greater efficiency. Outperforming other alternatives, Climastar HESS is the go-to choice for forward-thinking homeowners like you.

Why HESS is a Smart Energy Choice

At Climastar, we understand that no two homes are the same, and energy demands can vary significantly throughout the year. That’s why we are proud to introduce the Climastar HESS – an innovative home energy storage system designed to cater to your unique needs.

On average, a UK household consumes around 10.2 kWh per day. With our HESS system featuring a 10-kWh storage capacity, you have the potential to slash your energy bill by up to 50% without the need for solar panels.

Our team of experts will conduct a comprehensive assessment of your energy consumption patterns and recommend the ideal storage profile tailored specifically for your household. We believe that energy storage should be a personalized solution, not a one-size-fits-all approach.

When you choose Climastar HESS, you are opting for a customised energy storage solution that perfectly aligns with your home’s requirements. Experience the freedom of controlling your energy usage while enjoying significant savings on your energy bills. Let Climastar HESS be the right choice for your home’s energy future.

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Cost-Effective and Versatile Solution

The HESS system offers a cost-effective and versatile solution for homeowners to reduce their energy costs. It allows users to maximise savings without solar panels, making it an attractive option for those who do not have solar panels or wish to complement existing solar installations. The ability to choose between Day/Night tariff and Time of Use (ToU) tariff empowers users to optimise their energy consumption and save money.

Long Lifespan and Fast Charging

The Climastar HESS boasts a guaranteed minimum lifespan of 10 years and 10,000 cycles, making it more durable than many other batteries on the market. This longevity translates to more than 20% cheaper per lifetime kWh, providing users with a cost-effective long-term investment. Additionally, with the fastest charge/discharge rate (1C) available, the HESS system allows users to access more low-cost grid energy, further contributing to energy cost savings.

Smart Energy Management with the HESS App

The Climastar HESS Smart Storage AI App provides users with advanced energy management capabilities. By analysing factors such as electricity prices, weather forecasts, and usage patterns, the app creates daily schedules to optimise the use of the cheapest and greenest electricity, leading to significant reductions in energy costs. The app’s integration with a smart meter enables automatic drawing of electricity from the grid at the lowest rate, maximising cost savings.

Electric Vehicle Compatibility

Climastar’s partnership with Puredrive ensures that the HESS system is compatible with electric and hybrid vehicles. Users can benefit from full control over when their vehicles draw power to charge at the cheapest rate, further enhancing energy cost savings.

Scalable and Modular Design

The modular design of the Climastar HESS allows users to customise their energy storage capacity according to their specific needs, ranging from 5 kWh to 25 kWh. This scalability ensures that the energy solution remains adaptable to changing energy demands in the future. Moreover, the use of a battery equaliser protects individual batteries from overuse and extends the system’s overall lifespan, providing additional value for users.

Why Choose HESS (Home Energy Storage System)

Opting for HESS is a smart and sustainable choice for homeowners seeking the perfect blend of cutting-edge technology and eco-consciousness. Our HESS system is designed to revolutionise the way you store and use energy at home, providing unmatched benefits that set it apart from conventional energy solutions. With HESS, you can take control of your energy costs while reducing your carbon footprint.

How Does Our HESS Work

Explore the cutting-edge technology powering our HESS, meticulously designed to deliver exceptional energy storage performance and prioritise efficiency in your home. At the core of the HESS system, our revolutionary energy storage technology takes center stage, redefining the way you harness and utilise energy.

Central to the superior performance of the HESS system is our state-of-the-art Energy Storage Unit (ESU). This advanced technology significantly enhances energy efficiency by efficiently storing and releasing energy, ensuring a consistent and even distribution of power when needed. With the ESU, you can optimise the use of the cheapest and greenest energy available, maximising your energy cost savings.

Moreover, the HESS system features an Intelligent Energy Management System (EMS), an integral part of its functionality. The EMS analyses your lifestyle, energy consumption patterns, and external factors such as electricity prices and weather forecasts. It then generates daily schedules to ensure that you utilise energy when it is most cost-effective and environmentally friendly. The result is an optimised energy consumption plan tailored to your unique needs, helping you achieve maximum savings without compromising on comfort.

Say goodbye to inefficient energy use and hello to a smarter, greener, and more cost-effective energy solution with HESS.

Benefits of Our HESS

Opting for our HESS comes with a myriad of advantages for your home and the environment. With HESS, you can harness the full potential of energy efficiency, ensuring no wastage of stored energy and maximiSing your energy utiliSation. Unlike conventional energy systems, our HESS promotes sustainability by minimising CO2 emissions and eliminating the risk of carbon monoxide leaks, providing a safer and healthier living environment for your family.

Moreover, our HESS system offers unparalleled control over your energy usage. The smart management system allows you to set your preferred energy schedules effortlessly, giving you complete control over your home’s heating and energy requirements. With wireless connectivity and user-friendly controls, you can easily optimize your energy consumption based on your lifestyle and preferences, eliminating the need for fuel deliveries and simplifying maintenance.

By investing in our HESS system, you not only optimise your energy usage and comfort but also contribute to a greener future. Embrace the efficiency and eco-friendliness of our HESS, and experience the perfect blend of sustainability, control, and cost-effectiveness in your home. Discover the unmatched functionality and benefits of HESS today.


Real-Time Monitoring and Control

HESS comes with user-friendly interfaces and smart apps that allow you to monitor your energy consumption in real-time and adjust settings accordingly. This level of control empowers you to make informed decisions to maximise your energy efficiency.

Energy Independence

With HESS, you become less reliant on traditional power grids and have greater control over your energy consumption. This energy independence provides stability and peace of mind during power outages or fluctuations in electricity prices.

Real Time Monitoring

The Magma Stone can combine with Wi-fi and wireless, which allows you to reduce energy consumption. It also means you can view your energy usage in real time. You are totally in control of your temperature and comfort.

Time-of-Use Optimisation

HESS allows you to take advantage of time-of-use electricity pricing. By charging the system during off-peak hours when energy costs are lower and discharging during peak hours, you can maximise your energy savings.

Quiet and Environmentally Safe

HESS operates silently and without any harmful emissions. Unlike conventional generators or power backup systems, HESS is environmentally safe, making it a sustainable and noise-free energy storage solution.

Energy Backup and Grid Resilience

HESS provides an energy backup solution during power outages or grid failures. With stored energy, you can continue to power essential appliances, ensuring comfort and security for your household during unforeseen disruptions.

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