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Welcome to the Harmony Brand by Climastar UK. Climastar are the world’s leading designer of Magma Stone Heating Systems and have been manufacturing these beautiful products for over 25 years. Climastar heaters are sold in over 20 countries worldwide, and now you can be part of our story. The Harmony range by Climastar is now available exclusively in the UK.

The introduction of the Harmony Brand gives us a beautiful alternative to the way we traditionally heated our homes. Let’s face it, steel radiators hanging from our wall are not the most attractive of objects. The carefully selected products in the Harmony range by Climastar not only look beautiful, but they will keep your home warmer and more comfortable than any heating system you have used previously whilst helping you retain control of your heating costs.

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Our Story - Climastar UK

What we offer

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Thinking of changing your existing heating system, or building a new home or extension and want some information on the best heating system to compliment your lifestyle? You can contact Climastar UK for guaranteed top level customer support. If you are installing a new heating system, it has to work perfectly, and to work perfectly, therefore it must be designed for your specific property and lifestyle.

Our Story - Harmony by Climastar

Our Mission

We all deserve to be warm in our own homes, and our heating should be 100% efficient at point of use and affordable to run. If you are considering upgrading your existing heating system, ensure The Harmony range is at the top of your list.

The Harmony range is the most advanced and feature rich heating system ever manufactured by Climastar. It is 21st Century heating. Manufactured using patented Silicon Heat Storage technology, the Harmony range pioneers what it means to be ‘energy saving’, providing heat on demand and wrapped up in a beautiful stone finish that allows you to replace those traditional unsightly metal radiators. The Harmony range look and function far superior to anything else on the market.

When you purchase a Climastar heating system we believe that a product manufactured in accordance with the highest level of quality deserves to be complimented by excellent customer service. The same level of dedication, commitment and quality presented in our products is also reflected in the way we treat our customers.

Where we Sell

The Harmony range is the most advanced and feature rich system ever manufactured by Climastar.

This is heating for the 21st Century. With patented Magma Silicon Heat Storage technology, the Harmony range pioneers what it means to be energy saving. Our product range delivers heat on demand, all wrapped up in a beautiful stone finish. Harmony allows you to replace those traditional unsightly metal radiators whilst improving the look and feel of your room and delivering a superior heating experience.

Not only does the Harmony range look far superior, but independent testing has proven that they simply work better than other forms of electric heating*.

Now, for the first time, The Harmony range is available in the UK. The Harmony range features 2 Magma Silicon battery plates which will reduce heating running costs and keep you warmer for longer. You can’t predict the British weather, but you can predict that you will be nice and warm in your Harmony heated home, no matter what the British weather throws at you.

The manufacturing process using Magma Dual Kherr technology can not be replicated by any other heating system. That is why we distribute this product in 27 countries worldwide.

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Our Story | International Awards

Our commitment to quality, design and innovation has made CLIMASTAR solutions a trusted household name in domestic heating.


Best Overall Product Award in the ISH North American Trade Show.


Young Businessman of the Year Award.


First Award of Top Asturian Patent, organised by the European Centre of Companies and Innovation.


Climastar wins the innovative Business Management Impulse Award in the field of Industrial Design.


Climastar is awarded the prize for Best SME company in the field of Innovation.


Climastar wins the Golden Alpha Award at Cevisama, due to the innovative nature of Dual Kherr, a new material that reduces consumption and optimizes the output of heating systems.


Climastar receives the Sacre Socoda Prize. Award to the most innovative product.