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Your decor your rules

Your décor your rules.

Your décor your rules.

It’s likely you’ve had a bit of a snoop around our website, and seen the electric heating products we have to offer. If not, don’t worry there’s plenty of opportunity to get there.

Either way, as many of the photos we have on display may have indicated – our energy efficient heaters have a definite pull towards the aesthetic.

We like to think we’ve got a lot of bases covered,  from the simple yet elegant finish of White Limestone, to the more subtle yet complex notes and undulating textures of Black Natura (and everything in between).

When showing samples of our product during a free home heating survey, or even when curious potential customers come to look at our showroom – there’s always the immediate need to engage in the comparison of colours and textures with their own home décor in mind.

Personally I can’t walk past our products without touching them. Texture has a big pull for the tactile amongst us – and each of our products has a different one to offer.

I half joke sometimes when engaging with potential customers that nothing is set in stone (apart from our silicium magma stone panels of course).

Yet, with that I mean that there’s lots of flexibility when integrating the look and feel of the Harmony range with your current – or even future décor.

We say your décor your rules – and although the ultimate decision is yours and you can effectively do what you like (I think you’re relatively safe from the secret interior décor & heating police) –  there are some general conventions with the products in the Harmony range which you may find useful.

We’ll even let you paint them yourself or even print your own artwork on them. Our White Limestone’s finish and neutral colour is the perfect basis for this.


Inspired by Mt. Teide on the sub tropical island of Tenerife,  and the highest point above sea level in the Atlantic.

Teide encapsulates the volcanic appearances of dark volcanic rock and subtle ashen greys, softened and semi polished by the salinated winds of the Atlantic Ocean.

Dark Teide Curve

Your decor your rules

This is the only range to come in both curved and flat panel varieties – so you have the most flexibility here on space, especially if you have limited options on placement of a heater.

Teide is one of the main products in our range which is favoured in bathrooms for the space saving and high heat output abilities.  Grey Teide leans towards a more neutral space that is softer on the eyes, and can blend in a way that enhances perspective if you intend to use the element of contrast. The bevelled edges help to give a more “floating” appearance that isnt too sharp or invasive.

Dark Teide gives a greater contrast with subtle stratification – to bring out the appearance and expectation of subterranean beauty, with a flow reminiscent of previously hidden lodes and seams of previously concealed ores.

Teide in the bathroom range also comes with a towel rail and has a brushed finish that brings an easier on the eyes shine, and soft reflections without glare.

Works well with:

  • Dark or light tiles with a slate like appearance
  • Mottled appearances in wallpaper or paintwork
  • Subtler tones such as cocoa, or olive / sage / spearmint green (for Dark Teide).


Although generally found the world over, Limestone has since time immemorial provided human beings with many discoveries. Whether that’s from utilising the stone’s smooth but diverse properties, or from surprises given by fossils found within.

In appearance with Limestone out in it’s natural habitat – we get a lot of diversity. We have whites and greys from calcium, reds from irons, and even shinier hues from the likes of magnesium and pyrite.

For this reason, the Limestone finish in the Harmony range gives us a lot of options to utilise within our own flavour of décor. And, for those amongst us who desire for even more individuality – the White Limestone finish has the perfect colour and texture for painting whatever colour(s) we like.

(Just make sure the paint can withstand temperatures up to 75C.)

If preferred, you have the option here to even have printed artwork of your choice onto the White Limestone panel.

We recommend the vertical radiator for portraits – and horizontal choices for landscapes.

Your decor your rules

We find a lot of our customers use White Limestone in more neutral and transient areas of the home such as hallways, landings, stairwells etc. It goes well against almost any background and with the bevelled appearance this gives us a softer floating feel against any backdrop.

Terra Limestone on the other hand, is a more exotic creature and intends to carry all that the variations of Limestone have to offer worldwide.

Terra Limestone makes a great centrepiece as it’s own presentation of nature’s art – with muted blues, golds, silver tones and subtler reds of iron.

Works well with:

  • Red hues such as coral, and even burnt umber.
  • Subtle grey blue hues, and darker greys such as charcoal.

White Etna

Named after the famous (very active) Volcano – Etna is a finish that carries with it textured undulations to give the appearance of natural stone very akin to Lava.

In Greek mythology, the monster called “Typhon” was trapped under this mountain by Zeus. The forges of Hephaestus are said to be also found underneath Mt. Etna – and inferred to be the provoker of the mountain’s constant volcanic activity.

For this reason – we find Etna to be one of the more daring (and Epic) of finishes – although we can’t guarantee it was forged by Hephaestus himself. (He IS getting on a bit).

With the texture catching the light at points of its formed “waves” it gives great opportunity to be placed in well lit areas – and can be further enhanced by downlights for more atmospheric spaces.

Fitted near to windows also gives a great gradient effect – generating images in the mind of vast epic landscapes.

Your decor your rules

White Etna is truly white – and therefore has the ability to blend with almost any colour scheme or backdrop; and fits just as well with soft furnishings as it does against clean lines that give a sharper, and more minimalist appearance.

In some cases our customers have placed White Etna heaters in gallery spaces to sit alongside artwork and ceramics as talking points themselves.

Whatever your persuasion – you can guarantee that Etna can bring passion, energy, and a hint of Mythos to a space that will keep you warm to boot.

Black Natura

Black Natura in many ways is the darker counterpart to White Etna, carrying subtler undulations but with polar opposite tones of charcoal, black, and flecks of grey and silver.

Your decor your rules

If there’s one thing we like about darker tones (especially black) they tend to go with anything. The subtle variances within Black Natura give us an evolving experience. You may see some things at certain light levels than in others. Every view can give you a different perspective.

In keeping with the theme of the ever changing landscape; Natura offers possibilities for change that will blend, and work with almost any design or decor ideas you may have.

For those amongst us constantly evolving and experimenting with décor ideas, Black Natura gives us opportunity for that.

Works especially well with:

– Bolder hues, dark greens, purples, and deep blues

– Reflective accents such as silver, golds, and copper tones.

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