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What is Magma Stone Technology? - By Climastar UK

What is Magma Stone Technology?

In this article, we explore our unique Magma Stone technology that we manufacture and install into each and every one of our Climastar Harmony Products.

What is Magma Stone?

The products in Climastar’s Harmony range are made from a manufactured product called Magma Stone. Magma Stone is based on two natural products, silicon and aluminium with no other agglutinants. It is created with heat and press, manufactured under 400kg/cm2 of pressure and then baked at 1200˚C.

Thanks to its properties, Magma Stone never deteriorates. Comparatively, Natural stone panels made of marble or granite can comb or break after some time when exposed to direct heat. This is because they have components which behave differently under exposure. Some of these internal components have more expansion and contraction degree than others.

Notably, marble and granite are not waterproof either. They absorb humidity and stains can easily appear.

Thus you can see the difference with Magma Stone, which retains its natural colour without fading, even when exposed to direct heat. Magma panels will look exactly the same after one, two or even three decades.

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    What is Magma Stone Technology?

    So how do Harmony heaters actually work? The heaters use a combination of convected and radiant heat. This means with electric heating your home will warm up faster and if you’ve set your temperature already, it will maintain this almost perfectly –  no matter the weather.

    Each product in the Climastar Harmony range is built with two Magma Heat Batteries.  These twin batteries are the key to keeping the room warm and comfortable. Additionally, the design and technology of the radiator will help you to reduce electricity consumption.

    By using heat when its necessary and reducing any wastage.

    The front heat battery is designed to retain heat that is released by radiation into the room for longer periods. Essentially, it draws on very little power whilst doing this. The second Magma silicon battery is inside the heater. It accumulates the heat released by the heating element stabilising the room temperature. This means that this element spends less less time connected to the mains supply.

    The front panel is built with a double core heat conduction chamber. The double core is creating certain interferences to the convention air, so that heat can be much more easily absorbed by the stone. A totally flat panel will increase the convection with an effect like a chimney. The double core helps to reduce the heat going to the top part of the room and increases the radiation.

    With some German designs, heaters have fluting, which creates a way for energy to escape and it is wasted. However, the front panel on a Harmony heater allows the heat to transfer into the room in a totally uniformed way. So, you are getting the maximum amount of heat in your room with no wastage.

    Ultimately, thanks to Magma Stone technology in our efficient electric radiators, you can get the best heat transfer for longer, so your room stays warm throughout, and keeps the room temperature stable to within 0.1˚C. As an extra and important incentive, you are also reducing your carbon footprint by using an  efficient electric radiator.

    What Are The Benefits to Magma Stone Technology?

    By choosing a Harmony heating system, you are getting many benefits thanks to its Magma Stone technology. To begin with, you are guaranteed a lifetime Manufacturer’s Warranty. This is due to the Magma Core which is built into all Harmony products.

    Secondly, due to the very nature of electric heating, you are reducing your carbon footprint because your heating system is not emitting any gases or fumes. Every gas home heating system has a flue which takes the gas out of the house and releases it into the atmosphere. You don’t have to think about this at all with efficient electric heating.

    Thirdly, the Silicon batteries are built within the heaters, so you don’t need any extra pipes or installations inside your home. You simply plug in your Harmony heater and set your controls.

    As well as this, the entire Harmony range can function with renewable energy sources like the sun or wind. Currently, our electricity in the UK is generated partly by using gas.

    However, this will change in the future. If you combine your electric heaters with renewable energy sources, they you can reduce your carbon footprint even further. You will gain peace of mind knowing that heating your home is not contributing to global warming.

    What Makes The Harmony Range Unique?

    Have you seen what a modern radiator can look like? It’s time to forget the traditional image of heating your home with steel radiators hung from the wall. Or with night storage electric heaters dragged out from the cupboard and programmed to work the next day.

    Perhaps you have older radiators in your home that are rusting or need bleeding regularly. Maybe there are cold spots in your rooms where the heat is not reaching the space.

    Alternatively, you can choose a brand new, beautiful and modern efficient electric heater from Climastar’s Harmony range. For example, the design of the radiators within the Harmony range are specifically made to look stylish within your home and can even match your decor. Your guests won’t even know it’s a radiator.

    With the Harmony range of efficient electric radiators, you can now enjoy complete control of your heating costs by using smart home technology, which the Harmony product range links into. The Harmony heating system is an intelligent system that meets your lifestyle, and can be programme to fit around that.

    This works alongside open window technology (as part of the Lot 20 legislation). If there is a sharp change in temperature suddenly, such as a window or door opening, your intelligent Harmony heating system will recognise it. Then, the heating will go into standby mode.

    When the window is closed again, and the room temperature stabilises the heating will resume. Therefore, you are not losing any heat from the open door. The harmony heater is programmed to understand the difference between a normal temperature change and a sudden temperature drop of 3˚C or more.

    With this in mind, there has never been a better time to switch your heating to sustainable and energy saving electric heating. Not only is it vital to make changes on environmental grounds, but you can also do this by upgrading to a unique, beautiful and more efficient heating system.

    The Harmony Range of Products

    With the Harmony range, you get a unique radiator in a choice of finishes.


    White Etna efficient electric radiaor

    Etna is a product of natural beauty. The designers have created this heater to look and feel like natural stone. White Etna is  shaped and sculpted to reveal the undulations (much like lava) that you will only see in a natural product.

    Click here to view Etna.


    Teide - Harmony Product Range by Climastar

    Teide is a unique product that produces an unrivalled heating experience. It’s made from Magma Stone, however, it is the only stone radiator in the world that can be manufactured  into a curve – This efficient electric radiator design is totally unique and involves a  specialised manufacturing process.. The radiation angle of the Teide is 160˚ and allows the heater to transfer heat across the room faster than a flat panel heater.


    Click here to view Teide.

    White Limestone

    Fuji - Harmony Product Range by Climastar

    White Limestone comes in a white finish but can be customised to a variety of appearances. The standard White Limestone finish on it’s own will blend in with any wall colour. Uniquely, the White Limestone can also be painted to any colour or mixture of colours. So, you can have it in its natural finish or paint it to match your decor.

    Notably, you can even have your favourite photograph or image superimposed onto it. in this way your radiator is more like a work of art on your wall or a photographic feature.

    The Bathroom Range

    Bathroom Range - Harmony Product Range by Climastar

    The Harmony bathroom range comes in a variety of styles and colours. They are all waterproof IP24 rated so full comply with building regulations. All of them are slimline radiators, so they won’t take up too much space in your bathroom.

    Moreover, because they are made from natural stone, they won’t chip or rust like steel radiators. Thus they will still look just as beautiful in 25 years time as they do today. Magma Stone carries a lifetime warranty.

    Click here to view The Bathroom Range.

    The Curved Range

    The Curved Range - Harmony by Climastar

    This is available in both Teide finishes, Dark Teide and Grey Teide. The curved range is a totally unique product and only available from Climastar. It goes through a unique manufacturing process that shapes the stone in a very uniformed way. It’s the only stone radiator in the world which can be manufactured in this shape.

    Why Choose Climastar?

    Magma Stone heating products and the manufacturing process is unique to Climastar. Therefore, with a Harmony radiator, you are investing in a unique heating system. Saving energy is obviously a big benefit to choosing an electric heating system, but it doesn’t have to stop there. Your new radiator can even complement the decor in your home, and look beautiful wherever you want it.

    Furthermore, by choosing Climastar, you are buying from a business which strives to create advanced and efficient products by using the minimum amount of electricity consumption. Climastar is committed to manufacture all of its products in accordance with the ISO 14001 standard.

    This Environmental Management System guarantees environmental care. As well as the upmost commitment to producing green products and reducing pollutants in both the manufacture and use of the heating systems.

    Climastar has been heating homes all over the world for nearly 30 years, and are pioneers in the creation of modern and efficient heating. Notably, their purpose is to produce the best possible quality and advanced electrical heating systems. Heating systems that not only reduce your energy consumption by quickly heating rooms, but also only use energy when necessary.

    Moreover, with the combination of Wifi, wireless and dual core technology, you can reduce your energy consumption and control your energy usage at the same time (See our other post on a Harmonisation of Technologies).

    Our efficient electric radiators give you huge levels of versatility and control in your home so the radiators come on as and when you need them to.

    Other heating systems, such as night storage heaters, just don’t have the same versatility. If you remember night storage heaters, you had to turn them on the day before to get them to work for the next day. Then, if it’s a cold day the heating will come on no matter what.

    Equally, if it’s a warm day, the heating will still come on. The homeowner has virtually no control apart from an on and off switch.

    In comparison; with Climastar heating products, you are now in control of your heating every day.

    Why Switch To Harmony Electric Heating Solutions

    Efficient electric heating is better for the environment, easy to install and virtually maintenance free. With smart technology, you can programme each Harmony heating radiator individually, adjusting the temperature room by room depending on your needs.

    With an electric Harmony heating system, you won’t need a boiler- and for your hot water needs we also have options for thermal heat battery storage. You don’t need to think about annual maintenance check ups or the risks of having a gas installation inside your house – and you won’t have a boiler to release any pollutants into the atmosphere.

    With electric heating, you can plug it in, adjust your controls and enjoy a warm home quickly.

    The UK has a target of being Carbon Neutral by 2050. In order to achieve this milestone, fossil fuels are being phased out in favour of more sustainable energy sources like green electricity. In fact, the UK government has a plan to ban gas boilers in new build properties . Therefore, now is a wise time to start thinking about how you will switch over to electricity in your home.

    Generally speaking, most of us have used gas or oil to heat our homes in the past. But times are changing and we need to start thinking greener. Electric heating has been around for a long time, but the way electricity was produced wasn’t very carbon conscious.

    This is now evolving too, thanks to renewable energy resources. It’s worth considering that renewable electricity is now forecast to provide over 50% of our demand by 2030. Therefore, the fuel of the future is electricity.

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