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What is lot 20, and why is it important?

What is lot 20, and why is it important?

Lot 20 (and Lot 20 compliance) is a thing that we encounter more and more frequently with our customer enquiries here at Climastar UK.

However, if you’re not aware of what Lot 20 is, and how it affects us chances are you’ll get on the Google to find out.

A quick search of Google gave us the following piece of information:

Lot 20

Alright, we got a bit of information there. However, what are those standards, and how are we meant to find out?

Searching around online is great but sometimes we need some real world examples to put things into perspective.

In terms of Lot 20 we get a number of enquiries around this as it’s due to how efficient our products have to be in order to meet these requirements.

The requirements were set up in 2018 and outline how efficient a heating appliance must be in order to pass.

You can look at the whole set of requirements by going to Lot 20’s own website. There are actually some product categories that are exempt from Lot 20’s requirements, and these are as follows:

  • Heaters using a vapour compression cycle (also referred to as heat pumps)
  • Heaters that are for outdoor use only
  • Sauna stoves
  • Slave heaters
  • Tubular heaters
  • Towel warmers
  • Frost protection heaters
  • Air curtains

For everything else not within those brackets – they have to meet Lot 20’s specs. Put simply these are:


Our Climastar Harmony range meets the lot 20 compliance by exhibiting the following features:

Daily / Weekly timed heating schedules (With adaptive start functions).

App schedule

You have complete flexibility to change the heating around your routines. Temperatures can be easily changed via the smart thermostat controller, or by the Harmony app on your smartphone or tablet.

Open Window Technology

With a Harmony product, sensors will know from a sudden loss in temperature that the window is open and go into standby mode. Your Harmony heaters will turn back on again when you close the window, and the room temperature has stabilised.

This prevents any power wasteage by doors or windows and can help you keep on top of your energy consumption.

External Control (from anywhere in the world using Wi-Fi).


Control your Harmony heaters, your daily & weekly heating schedules, and your comfort temperatures from your smartphone.

You can monitor your energy usage in real time using the harmony app’s history function. Usable with Amazon Alexa and coming soon for Google Home.

What about my existing appliances?

The Lot 20 compliance standards only really refer to new appliances – so you don’t need to make any replacements right now in order to be compliant.

Its more that you’re made aware that non-compliant products aren’t manufactured anymore so that when you do come to replace you know what you’re looking for.

The Lot 20 requirements eventually seek to remove any wasteful products from the market – creating a more efficient and energy responsible future.

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