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What is heating cruise control? by Climastar

Efficient electric heating – What Is Heating Cruise Control?

In this article you will learn the main overarching benefits of the Heating Cruise Control system that is built into the Harmony Product range.

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    Efficient electric heating – What Is Heating Cruise Control?

    In order to reduce the amount of energy you use to heat your home, you need to balance the amount of fuel your heating system draws into your radiators. One way to do this, is to use TRIAC technology, which draws the correct amount of fuel required in order to maintain your room temperature.

    Never too much, never too little, just the exact amount of fuel required. It works the same as Cruise Control in your car. You can now use Heating Cruise Control to reduce energy consumption in your home. (see this page for live statistics on the energy consumption in the UK https://www.energydashboard.co.uk/live)

    Essentially, it’s a system that automatically controls the amount of fuel you use in order to maintain your selected room temperature, so you stay warm whilst using less energy.

    The Heating Cruise Control System, otherwise known as HACC is unique to the Harmony range of Climastar products. It’s based on PID technology to guarantee lower electricity consumption.

    The majority of electric heating systems, including German heaters usually use a simple On/Off type controller. When using a simple On/Off controller once the temperature is lower than that selected on the thermostat, the heater turns on, drawing power and consuming energy.

    Similarly, it will turn off when the temperature is reached however the output or temperature is not stable in this type of heating control system, and it will swing frequently in terms of how often it draws power, so the room temperature is less stable and more electricity is used.

    How Does Heating Cruise Control Work?

    The Harmony heating system is an intelligent system that keeps a history of your heating activity as you use it. Using the Harmony app, every day it records the time it takes to achieve the selected temperature, and keeps a history of what temperature your room reached at that day and time.

    Essentially, the Heating Cruise Control system can access the correct amount of power required by the heater to maintain the set temperature in the room.

    As the outside temperature drops, this effects the temperature inside your home. The HACC can recognise that temperature change as it happens and knows exactly how much power to release into the radiator. Thus, keeping the room at the temperature you have already chosen, so you stay warm.

    Moreover, it’s completely automated. Just set the temperature and relax.

    The HACC uses minimal electricity consumption to keep a constant temperature, avoiding the peaks and troughs of power usage and heat output. It’s based on a predictive algorithm that uses electric pulses to adjust the consumption on the basis of the thermostat readings. Notably, with great accuracy to 0.1 degrees C.

    Ultimately, the HACC helps to reduce the amount of electricity you need to heat your home. Additionally, it helps to reduce your carbon footprint and can save you money.

    Heating Zones

    Central heating is one interconnected heating system for your home. In comparison, electric heating is a modular system. Essentially, you can connect and control individual radiator temperatures within a larger framework.

    In this way you can switch on and switch off selected electric radiators in different areas of your home.

    Each one follows a heating schedule that you have pre-set which is specific to that area. Therefore, you can programme your heating to your exact needs in that zone or room. For example, maybe you use the radiators in your living room more frequently than those in your bedroom.

    Perhaps you have a smaller radiator in the utility room that you don’t use as regularly. Or you want your bathroom radiator and towel rail to warm up at a specific time without turning on electic heating in the rest of your home.

    Being able to control your heating into areas like this will save you energy by ensuring there is no wastage. Your bedroom heater doesn’t need to run all day, but you may want the room to be warm when you wake up or warm just before you want to go to bed.

    Hence you can programme the exact temperature you want at specific times of the day in specific rooms.

    What Are The Benefits of Heating Cruise Control?

    Now we will take a look at the main benefits of the cruise control system. As you’ll see, there are many:

    Superior control of your heating whilst reducing energy usage

    Essentially, the main benefit to the HACC system is that you are saving energy whilst keeping your home warm. Heating Cruise Control means your system will adjust its own output to meet the necessary temperature of your environment.

    Save Energy

    Furthermore, the accuracy of the HACC is to within plus or minus 0.1˚C. Basically, this means that your room will stay at the selected temperature to within 0.05˚C, no matter what how cold it gets outside.

    Other manufacturers may supply a heating system accurate to plus or minus 2˚C, which may sound pretty good, but every 1˚C increase in temperature can increase your fuel bill by as much as 10%. Hence you can see how the Climastar HACC can save energy even further, because there is less wastage in comparison to other electric heating systems.

    Easy to Use

    Electric heating is easy to use. With smart electric radiators you can simply connect them to your electrical circuits in your home and heat the entire house without a boiler. There’s no need for heavy pipes or disruptive installations.

    You can say goodbye to the old metal radiators mounted on the wall that take up so much space, rust and discolour. It’s time for a modern and energy efficient way to heat your home.

    Running Costs

    A further benefit to choosing Harmony over other electric heating systems using On/Off technology is the advantage of the running costs. Thanks to the combination of PID Technology, TRIAC controllers and the most accurate thermostat available, Harmony is intelligent heating technology.

    This means Harmony electric radiators are simply more efficient. By working on a room-by-room basis, you can control the heating and save on running costs. You can programme the Harmony radiator in the bedroom to come on when you want it to.

    If you don’t need it on in the daytime, set that control to only come on a few minutes before you go to bed. It will always heat the room to the correct, pre-selected temperature, and you are not wasting energy. Ultimately, this can result in large savings over traditional electric, gas or oil central heating.

    Personal Control

    Climastar’s intelligent heating system helps you to stay in control of your heating. By doing this, you can reduce your electricity consumption and reduce your carbon footprint. With electric heating, you are not producing any harmful emissions into the atmosphere. With the unpredictable British weather, there’s no point in guessing what temperature it’s going to be from one day to the next.

    When thinking about electric heating, a night storage heater may spring to mind. With Night Storage Heaters, you need to set them the night before in order to heat your home. But if you’ve set the temperature high because it’s cold, then the next day it’s mild and sunny and you don’t need the heat, you have no control over the room temperature.

    Hence your room is too hot and you may need to open a window to reduce the temperature, wasting energy as you do so. Or maybe it’s a warm day and you turn down your NSH controls only to find that the next day is extremely cold. Then you don’t have enough heating to keep you warm.

    Ideally, the future of heating is to be in control of it. You set the temperature you want and the time you want it and Climastar technology does the rest. It’s that simple.

    Easy electric heating installation and Maintenance

    With energy efficient electric radiators, you can simply plug in, set your controls, sit back and relax. There are no pipes, which means there is no risk of water leakage. You won’t get air pockets in the radiators or cold spots in the room, therefore you won’t need to bleed your radiators.

    And with no boiler, you don’t need to book or pay for an annual check up, or regular maintenance. Over 10 years, maintenance costs using gas or oil boilers can be as high as £2,000.00.

    Electric  heating has far fewer parts, so there are fewer things to go wrong. Furthermore, installing electric heating takes far less time than installing gas or oil heating systems. You can start with one electric heater, or choose to get them in every room. It’s up to you.

    What Technology Does It Work With

    Open Window Technology

    Climastar combines HACC with Open Window Technology which is a requirement under Lot 20 legislation. This intelligent system can detect when you leave a window open and it shuts down your heating until the window is closed, saving you money. When the window is closed, your Harmony heating system will automatically restart to reheat the room.

    With other thermostatically controlled electric heating systems, when you leave a window open in the bathroom for example, the thermostat recognizes the temperature drop in the room and switches the heating on, but because the window is open, it can’t switch off because the room can’t ever get to temperature, so you have a massive waste of energy and a massive heating bill to go with it.

    Incorporating Open Window Technology ensures there is minimum energy wastage. Also, it can mean lower energy bills for you.

    Wi-Fi and Wireless

    Furthermore, the technology combines Wi-Fi and wireless controllers, allowing you to control your heating usage in real time. (Requires Wi-Fi).  Wi-Fi control goes a step further than Bluetooth, enabling you to adjust and control your heating from anywhere on a compatible smart device.

    Google Home and Alexa (Requires Wi-Fi)

    The full product range from Harmony also integrates with the latest home technologies, such as voice activation tools like Google Home and Alexa. You can pair the apps with Climastar technology and even control your heating by voice.

    All of the heating functions are programmed and stored in the user-friendly control panel. The panel is wireless so there is no hard wiring required. So, you can put it anywhere you want.

    The Harmony system under normal conditions, will maintain the room temperature regardless of external temperatures. Essentially, this means you are always warm and comfortable in your home, no matter what’s happening outside.

    Why Choose Climastar

    There are so many benefits to choosing electric heating for your home. Firstly, Climastar radiators are 100% efficient.

    Try to forget what a traditional radiator looks like. Like many products, radiator design has changed for the better. No more steel or metal radiators hung on the wall surrounded by pipes and rusting over the years.

    This guarantees environmental care and respect. Climastar are committed to producing green products and reducing pollutants in both the manufacture and use of its heating systems.

    Why Switch To Electric Heating

    There has never been a more critical time for people to switch heating to sustainable and energy saving electric heating. The UK has a target of being Carbon Neutral by 2050. In order to achieve this milestone, fossil fuels are being phased out in favour of more sustainable energy sources.

    Want to learn more about Electric Heating? Read our latest article: Why choose an Electric Heating System?

    Currently, the majority of UK homes heat their homes using gas and oil, but this is changing. It has to change and everyone is aware that we all have a part to play.

    When you think of central heating youmay think of a gas-fired boiler and water-filled radiators. This is the traditional system we’re familiar with in our homes. However, despite the rise in more energy efficient gas boilers, this form  of heating can still be inefficient. Gas boilers on average are probably about 90% efficient, so 10% of energy is lost through the flue.

    Further heat loss is transferred through the copper pipes under the floor, so Gas and Oil is never going to be as efficient as electricity. Gas prices are rising and will continue to do so as the government look to ways of “encouraging” people to switch to greener technology.

    Additionally, over 4 million gas and oil boilers break down every year leaving the customers’ homes cold at the wrong moments and no one wants a cold house.

    In comparison, electric heating, especially heating you can control, is more suitable for modern homes and lives.

    Electric heating has been around for a long time. However, we needed fossil fuels to help produce electricity. This is also evolving. With renewable electricity now forecast to provide over 50% of our demand by 2030, the fuel of the future is electricity.

    Climastar are pioneers in the creation of modern and efficient heating. Their purpose is to produce the best possible quality and advanced electrical heating systems. Furthermore, these energy efficient heating systems will reduce energy wastage and quickly heat rooms, only using energy when necessary.

    In summary, the Harmony range does not produce gases or fumes. You can use them with renewable energy sources from sun or wind. Hence, you are modernising your home at the same time as reducing your carbon footprint.

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