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Under the hood: What is Magma Stone Technology?

What is Magma Stone Technology?

At the heart of our Magma Stone technology in our Electric Heating Systems, is a clever compound we call “Silicium”.

Silicium is a compound made of only two ingredients: Silicon, and Aluminium.

Why these two elements?

Silicon has great heat retention properties, allowing it to hold heat and stay hotter for longer

Aluminium, is a tremendous conductor of heat allowing the Magma stone to heat up quickly.

How is this possible?

In our mission to provide the best electric heating systems for homes, we heat up both of these elements together until they form a molten “Magma”. This Silicium “soup” is then moulded into shape, and pressed (under 400kg per cm2), and then further baked at 1200˚C.

Magma Stone under manufacture

Silicium Magma Stone under manufacture

The result?

A magma stone plate that heats up quickly, and has great heat retention properties. Magma stone never deteriorates or loses colour, and looks every bit as good as it feels. Magma panels will look exactly the same after one, two or even three decades.

Other stone panels made of marble or granite can comb or break after some time when exposed to direct heat. Notably, marble and granite are not waterproof either –  they absorb humidity and stains can easily appear.

Each of our energy efficient electric radiators has two magma stone cores, one inside one out – for both radial and convection heat. The front magma plate in our one of a kind radiators is designed to store heat that is released by radiation into the room for longer periods, and it draws on very little power whilst doing this.

The internal Magma Silicium core is inside the heater, and It accumulates the heat released by the heating element of these Energy Efficient Heaters  – helping to stabilise the room temperature. This in combination with other technologies helps to provide a balanced and harmonising Electric Heating System.

With our unique electric radiators, looking at finishes such as Etna, Terra, Teide we even named  them after volcanoes too, and encapsulated the beauty of those mountains – for added magma value!

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