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Harmony Range: A Harmonisation of Technologies

Harmony Range: A Harmonisation of Technologies

Aside from the Silicium magma stone technology, the Harmony range of our unique electric radiators comprises various technologies that work in harmony in order to meet your heating & home climate needs.

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The harmony range also makes use of a plethora of other efficiencies, to bring to life Efficient Electric Radiators. One of the most spectacular of these is the Harmony Heating Cruise Control (HACC). This technology makes use of a TRIAC and a sophisticated algorithm to only draw what power is needed, to keep a stable room temperature.

Harmony Range

Previously, TRIAC devices were only really used in power control systems, and not often (if ever) found in home appliances. The harmony system uses a TRIAC in a similar way, to regulate the amount of power used by a harmony radiator.

With this in mind, the harmony range is currently the world’s only variable power rating heater. In addition to this, there’s power saving in mind too with Open Window Technology. As soon as the harmony thermostat notices a significant (and sudden) drop in temperature such as from an open door or window – the heating disengages so that you’re not using any un-necessary energy until the temperature in the room stabilises. This feature also ensures compliance in Lot 20 legislation.   – the framework for efficiency standards for Electric Radiators, Electric Heating Systems, and Energy Efficient Heaters.

Growing with the development of The Internet of Things, the harmony range also features control from Wi-Fi via the harmony app. ‘in addition to being able to control your heating from anywhere in the world (as long as you have an internet connection), the harmony app allows complete control of one, or all of your heaters either manually or via an automatic program.

The harmony range of our one of a kind radiators, is also now compatible with Amazon Alexa, & Google Home devices. You don’t even have to lift a finger to run your Electric Heating.

The harmony system however isn’t just a mix of technologies that work in harmony with each other. The harmony system is designed to learn from your heating habits, so that you can track your heating usage over time.

Harmony works with you to find your balance with your home climate.

The Harmony app also has availability for other devices in your home climate – future proofing you and your home for years to come.

Look out for future products & home climate developments from Climastar UK & Partners!

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