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The best of both worlds: Storage, and Not Storage.

The best of both worlds: Storage, and Not Storage.

So, are your Harmony range heaters storage, or not? Well, in all honesty they’re both. Both storage, and not storage.

Alright, sorry – we didn’t mean to confuse you. It’s a bit like someone answering a question you’ve asked with “Well, yes and no…” Without further explanation, it doesn’t really mean anything.

The logic here is a little confusing admittedly. We currently live in a world that’s littered with reasons and rationale to either be “one or the other” in many different scenarios.  I mean – look at this logic diagram.

Schrodingers Storage

How can you make any form of decision based on how confusing it is?  What a nightmare.
Schrodinger’s Cat was confusing enough with being there and not there.

With the Silicium Magma Stone Technology, the Harmony range has some heat storage capacity, as part of it’s mix of technologies in our unique radiators. However we can assure you it’s nothing like the night storage heaters of yesteryear.

In dialogue with our customers, we often face the preconceptions that the storage heaters of days gone by have given to us. People love them… and yet they don’t love them at all. Here we go again, huh?

How night storage heaters (NSH) work (or at least, how they’re meant to work)

NSH were originally incepted in the late 1940s. The premise was quite simple – NSH use electricity on a lower tariff during the evening / night time to heat up bricks, which then gradually release their heat during the day.

The idea was that people were able to heat their homes cheaply, so that they were effectively saving on the pennies (and pounds!).

The problem however, was that most of the heat was released during the day and by the afternoon evening most homesteads were cold, and ended up using additional heating sources to keep  warm. This in turn especially in more recent years has become more expensive to do.

Equally, the bricks inside NSH take a lot of energy and time to fully heat up, and when they are heated up there’s no control as to how much heat is released, or when.

This goes back to simple physics: Energy can not be “held” without other side effects – it must be conducted. It’s the same with any form of energy – just like batteries. After a certain time (even when sat on the shelf) they’ll lose their charge and no longer be able to release the energy they have.

How Harmony works.

We learned valuable lessons from the world of NSH – in that the way forward with increasing energy prices, and other reasons to conserve energy: we want to make use of every unit of energy we can to bring to you an Energy Efficient Heater. That includes when heating up, when cooling down, and that toasty sweet spot in the middle.

Harmony makes use of the heat retention of the magma stone technology (in a similar way to how NSH work), and other efficiencies to keep your heaters hotter for longer. This means less energy used, alongside the Harmony Cruise Control (HACC) with the use of the TRIAC technology, and a thermostat that is one of the most accurate on the market. The result? Efficient Electric Radiators.

Is Harmony Storage, or not Storage?

You’re not necessarily going to like this answer, but… both. The heaters hold some heat with the intention of using less power. However harmony heats up a lot quicker than NSH do, and release that heat into the room to give you a stable room temperature, at lower power consumptions.

However, with what we consider to be a superior product and applied technologies in our remarkable radiators – we won’t thank you for calling them “storage heaters” because it’s like trying to compare peaches with apples. There’s marked differences, and considerable sweetness and preference to consider.

With Harmony and our one of a kind radiators you could say, it’s the best of both worlds.

We don’t like the idea of having to choose between having our cake and eating it. So, we’ve found a way where it’s possible for you to do both.

You even get first dibs on the cherry.

Having your cake, and eating it.

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