Replacing Storage Heaters With The Harmony Range
Replacing Storage Heaters

Replacing Storage Heaters With The Harmony Range – Our Customer Journey

With the concerning levels of climate change we are facing as well as the ongoing cost of living crisis, it has never been more important to choose energy-efficient electric heating solutions. These will save you money on your bills as well as reduce your carbon footprint.

Replacing storage heaters with energy efficient electric radiators is a good place to start when it comes to future proofing your home, and we can help. Our carefully curated customer journey ensures that our customers feel taken care of at every step. Read on to find out the details of this process.

Initial enquiry for replacing storage heaters

Our journey begins with a customer’s enquiry. That may bevia email, phone or by filling out one of our online forms. One of our friendly sales team will speak to the customer and answer any initial questions they may have about replacing storage heaters or our energy efficient electric heating solutions.

Then, they will explain what our free home survey involves. We will then book them in for a time that suits the customer. We’ll issue a free brochure so the customer can familiarise themselves with our products before the survey.

One of our friendly heating consultants will then visit the customer’s property at the arranged time to conduct the survey. As well as a demonstration of how our electric heaters work, the heating consultant will carry out the following checks:

  • The incoming supply to the property – this is to ensure that there is sufficient power for the required heaters. If a power upgrade is needed, we will arrange this at no extra charge to the customer.
  • The rate of heat loss in each room
  • The current energy rating of the property
  • The window glazing rating
  • Ceiling height
  • The required locations of the heaters including availability of power points. If sockets or fuse spurs are required, these will be installed with the heaters. If a customer uses Economy 7 for their current storage heaters, we will convert the relevant sockets to a 24 hour supply at no extra cost.

Following these checks, the heating consultant will be able to recommend the correct size and power of heater required for each room. We’ll be able provide a quotation then and there. They will also be armed with samples of our beautiful finishes so the customer can pick the right one for their room’s décor.

Deposit paid

Once a deposit is received, the heating consultant sends the order details over to our head office in Fenton. This is then processed by our administration team. The order is then sent off to our manufacturers in Spain. If you are interested in reading more about the manufacturing process and what makes our products unique, you can find out more here.

Before they’re shipped, each heater is thoroughly tested to ensure our customers are only receiving the highest quality products. A quality check report on each individual unit is then sent to our warehouse. This is reviewed before we arrange installation.

Order received

When the products arrive in our warehouse (typically 6-8 weeks after the deposit is paid) our installation team will contact the customer to arrange a suitable installation date. The customer will be instructed to turn off any storage heaters being replaced. This gives the bricks enough time to cool down so they can be safely removed.


The first step of replacing storage heaters is to remove the old heater currently in place. First, the front and internal panels are removed, followed by the first layer of the aforementioned bricks. Then the heating elements are removed along with the remainder of the bricks at the back of the heater. The remaining frame of the heater is then taken off the wall along with the brackets. We are then able to dispose of the heaters responsibly.

Once the old storage heaters have been removed, we can begin the much simpler process of mounting our beautiful new energy efficient electric radiators onto the wall. During the survey, our heating consultants would already have carried out the required measurements to ensure the appropriate clearance on each side of the heater, as well as the availability of a power source. During installation, this is then just a simple case of assembling the mounting kit that comes with our heaters. This involves attaching it to the appropriate wall and then mounting the heater onto the brackets.

This isn’t the end of the process, however. Our installation team will also go over the general operation of the system and ensure everything is working to the customer’s satisfaction before leaving.

Customer care

Our installation team will leave a copy of our thermostat manual and various handy guides with the customer. However, our customer journey does not stop there. Our heaters come with a ten-year warranty. On the rare occasion that anything goes wrong, we will send a team out free of charge to make any repairs.

We also provide a forever warm guarantee. This means that if our heaters do not warm the customers home as promised, we will remove the entire system and issue a full refund.

Our phone lines are also open 5 days a week. Our customers can call for assistance, and our friendly staff can talk them through any necessary processes that they may be struggling with.

We also have online resources available. This includes an extensive knowledge base detailing every process a customer will need to make the most out of our system. We also have a chat feature available on our website.

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