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Insider: We provide the Harmony range of products – but it’s really all about you.

The Harmony Range

There’s something very engaging about not only the look, but also the feel of the harmony range.

At Climastar UK, our current lobby sits next to our showroom and it’s very difficult to walk by the various heaters we have on show without touching them to feel the different textures. Examples of our finishes and samples (which our heating consultants will show you if you take advantage of our home heating survey) are plentiful about our office and are often used as talking points and even the occasional coaster.

Featured: My mug sits proudly at home on a base of Dark Teide.

There’s a real buzz about engaging with the Electric Heating products here and our people have a genuine love and passion for what we do.

In spirit of that passion – the harmony range of Efficient Electric Radiators is without doubt an Opus of combined technologies and influences. In this post, we explore how we’ve managed to capture the nuances from around our world, to create Electric Heating Systems that are (at least at the time we wrote this) unlike any other Electric Heating.

We make no apology that many of our products are named after mountains & volcanoes. From the undulating and igneous nature of the lava rock of Mt. Etna, to the grainy dark textures of Mt. Teide, or even the earthy and blue grey tones of Mt. Terra Nova.

However, we don’t stop there on our world tour that showcases the harmony range‘s diversity: We can also pay homage to the once White Limestone slopes of the great pyramid at Giza.

With the White Limestone’s smooth surface, you can even paint these yourself if you like, or have your own custom artwork printed on to them. (Example below):

Paintable White Limestone -The Harmony Range by Climastar

White Limestone finish allows you to paint, or even have customer artwork printed on to your heater.

What do mountains, volcanoes, and the pyramids of Giza all have in common? Apart from being striking visual spectacles, we think it’s because you’ll never forget them once you’ve seen them.

We’re also fairly confident after looking at the Harmony range of our unique radiators, you may feel the same.

The harmony range also gives consideration to your existing habitat: Our panelled heaters have a bevelled finish for extra sharp contrast against your own personal decor. Not a fan of squared off straight edges? Don’t worry about that. We have an appreciation for nature’s curves too – we’ve got that covered too with our  Teide curved range.

I’m mainly based in our office here — but I have been out to visit customers on some occasions in homes both large and small. On every occasion I’ve seen our heaters in a different setting (from old stone walls and slate floors, to intimate galleries with oak beams) and can vouch personally that they look and feel a part of every home.

From an inside perspective, the harmony range of our one of a kind radiators aims to bring you a home heating product that harmonises with you, your preferences, your environment, and a range of technologies to heat your home. And, to hopefully reduce your power consumption while achieving that.

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Matt (Management team, Climastar UK).

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