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How To Get The Most Out Of Your Electric Radiators

In this article we explore how to get the most out of your electric radiators.

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    Choosing Electric Radiators

    When it comes to buying an electric radiator, there is plenty of choice. Your decision depends on several factors, the main one being what you are using it for in the first place.

    For example, are you looking for a small electric heater to warm up the conservatory or the study when you’re in it. Or, are you looking to switch your entire home heating system to an electric one instead of using gas?

    Do you want a portable heater which you can move around the home where you need it? Or a beautiful modern electric radiator which can compliment your home decor as well as reduce your carbon footprint?

    The size of the space you are heating is also a factor to consider. A large living room in an older, traditional house, requires an electric radiator with a bigger wattage output. Whereas a bathroom in a modern, well insulated house, will need an electric radiator with a much smaller output.

    Electric Radiators from Climastar UK

    As well as this, there are many different brands you can choose from for your electric radiators. For the purpose of this article, the focus is on electric radiators from Climastar UK.

    Climastar is a company which has been heating homes for over a quarter of a century, pioneering the creation of modern and efficient electric heating systems.

    It’s a business with a strong focus on environmental sustainability. Therefore, their products are manufactured with the aim and design of saving energy. Each heating system from Climastar will help you to reduce your energy consumption by quickly heating rooms and only using energy when you need it.

    Moreover, if you are reducing your energy consumption, you can also reduce your energy bills. Hence electric radiators are worth investing in, when you are looking at the overall picture of saving money and reducing your carbon footprint.

    How To Make The Most Of Your Electric Radiator

    Electric radiators from Climastar come with modern smart technology. Here are some top tips on how to get the most from your electric radiator.

    • Don’t block the radiator

    Like traditional radiators, electric radiators need space to function as efficiently as possible. So don’t put any furniture or other blockages in front of the radiator. It will still work of course, as the heat still transfers into the room. But removing any blockages enables the heat to reach every part of the room.

    • Place Your Thermostat

    One of the top benefits of an electric radiator from the Harmony range at Climastar, is that it comes with a smart, wireless thermostat. This means you can control your heating from anywhere in the house.

    Often, traditional thermostats are placed by the door in homes, near a window or inside a cupboard. This is a big mistake as it gives the wrong temperature reading to the rest of the house. For example, if it’s near the front door, it can be affected by a draught.

    The thermostat detects that the house is cold and therefore uses up more energy reaching your comfort setting. Which means you are using up more energy than you need.

    By placing your wireless thermostat at head height in a room and away from any draughts; it will read the main temperature of the space and adjust the radiators accordingly.

    • Heat Each Room To Suit You

    Another difficulty with gas central heating is that you can’t control it in the way you can with electric heating. For example, electric radiators work independently from each other. There is no central source as with gas heating.

    Therefore, you can heat the rooms you use at a particular time instead of heating the whole house. It means you are not heating empty rooms and wasting energy.

    To get the most from your electric radiator, think about your daily routine and how you use your home. If you work from home, you might need to heat your home office and kitchen during the day. Whereas you are probably not using your bedrooms.

    Or, if you are away at the weekend, you can set a different heating routine which matches your requirements over the weekend.

    By setting a routine which suits your heating needs, you can easily start to save energy and this will reflect in savings on your bills.

    • Choose A Heater That’s Right For You

    This article has touched on the output of your electric radiator. Here is an explanation in a bit more detail.

    Clearly, electric radiators run on electricity. Electricity is measured in kilowatts per hour. In the UK, the average cost of electricity is 14.4pence per kilowatt hour. Whereas the cost for gas is much cheaper.

    However, electric radiators can be 100% efficient at the point of use. Which means you are not wasting any heating from them. Every unit of energy is turned into heat for your space.

    So, the more efficiently you can use your electric radiator, the more energy you can save.

    Meanwhile, you do need an electric radiator that is the right size for your space. For example, electric radiators range from a small output, around 300W to a very large output, around 2,500W.

    You don’t need a very high wattage for a small space as it will lead to inefficiency because you are using more energy than you need. Likewise, a large space with a smaller wattage will not heat the room as efficiently as possible.

    This is because it will take more time and energy for a smaller output to reach the required comfort temperature of a larger space.

    That’s why choosing the right size and wattage of an electric radiator is important.

    • Smart Controls and Open Window Technology

    Learning how to use the smart control functions that come with modern electric radiators will allow you to run your heating even more efficiently.

    An electric radiator from the Harmony range with Climastar works with open window technology. For example, if you open a window or door at home whilst your heating is on, the Harmony heater will go into standby mode.

    Then, when the window or door is shut, it will turn back on again. Thus you are not wasting any heating through draughts.

    Furthermore, Harmony heaters work with geolocation. A geolocator knows when you are home or away from the house through its WiFi connection. If you have to leave unexpectedly, it will turn your heating down, saving from any wasted energy.

    When it ‘sees’ you coming home, it switches your heating to the higher setting so you return to a nice warm house.

    By utilising smart technology, you can control your home heating with specific intent and as efficiently as possible.

    Climastar Home Heating Survey

    Is It Safe To Leave Electric Radiators on All The Time

    Thanks to the design and technology of modern electric radiators, they are completely safe to use and keep on.

    If you have an ancient electric bar heater in your mind, then dismiss that idea immediately. Harmony electric radiators offer 21st century, intelligent heating for homes. A Climastar heating expert will hardwire the radiators into the mains, which means there are no loose wires to think about.

    Furthermore, the Harmony heaters are controlled by a precision smart thermostat. Which means that the thermostat will stop the radiator from drawing power once it has reached the desired temperature.

    If you have your temperature on low at night anyway, the electric radiator will reach this temperature, heating your home without any danger.

    However, this article is in regard to electric radiators from Climastar. With this in mind, when it comes to free standing electric heaters from other companies, you need to be aware of their safety requirements.

    Obviously keep any free standing heaters away from any danger hazards such as curtains and other textile materials.

    Dangers of Gas Central Heating

    Meanwhile, with a gas central heating system you are burning a fossil fuel to heat your home. Fossil fuels produce a harmful gas called carbon dioxide when they burn. Carbon dioxide gets trapped in the atmosphere which contributes to global warming.

    As well as this, there is always the risk of carbon monoxide poisoning within the home when using any gas installation. Getting a new boiler will increase the efficiency of your gas heating, and it also comes with several modern safety features.

    However, you should still get your gas boiler checked on an annual basis to keep your home and family safe.

    By switching to an electric heating system, you are not creating any harmful emissions in your home and there is no risk from carbon monoxide poisoning. Furthermore, there are no pipes, so there’s no risk of water leakage either.

    Why Using Economy 7 or 10 Is Not More Efficient

    You might think that switching to an economy energy tariff will save you money on your bills. However this is not usually the case when it comes to electric radiators with smart technology.

    In simple terms, Economy 7 electricity tariffs work alongside Economy 7 meters to provide a different price per kWh based on you when you use them. So, electricity is cheaper at night, but that means it’s more expensive than a normal tariff in the day.

    An Economy 7 tariff works for 7 hours each night using a different electricity meter that can track the electricity you use during the day and at night separately.

    The only way you will benefit from using an Economy 7 tariff is if you use more energy in the night than during the day. For example, perhaps you work night shifts or your daily routine means you need to use more electricity at night.

    You could set your washing machine, dryer, dishwasher and heating on a timer during those specific 7 hours at night. It means you will be charged less for using electricity during those hours.

    Although, whatever electricity you use outside of these hours is charged at a higher rate than if you were on a normal tariff. Some Economy 7 plans charge almost twice the standard night rate, which cancels out any benefits you’ve made by using cheaper electricity at night.

    Generally speaking, you would need to use more than 40% of your electricity at night to make Economy 7 cost effective. With this in mind, if you use electricity in the same way as an average household, then Economy 7 will probably be more expensive than if you were using a normal electricity tariff.

    Meanwhile, Economy 10 is like Economy 7, only with 10 hours of cheaper electricity instead of 7. Another benefit is that you get 3 of those hours in the afternoon, and 7 overnight. Once again, you need to be excellent at planning ahead, in order to get the most out of your cheaper hours.

    In summary, choosing a cheaper overnight tariff will not necessarily make your heating more efficient, leading to a reduction in energy and bills.

    But if you’re looking into an Economy tariff, it will make you think further about how you use your electricity and heating to fit in with your daily routine. By setting more precise controls over your electric radiators, you can save energy and money as well as reduce your carbon footprint.

    How Climastar Electric Radiators Are Made To Maximise Efficiency

    The Harmony range from Climastar is exclusive to the UK and each electric radiator is designed to maximise efficiency.

    For example, the Teide radiator is the only radiator in the world that can be manufactured in a curve. This has the benefit of allowing heat to be transferred into the room in a more uniformed pattern.

    Hence it transfers the heat to every corner of the room faster than a traditional shaped heater; thus maximising its efficiency.

    You can also choose the Teide electric radiator in the shape of a square or as a vertical heater. So it can fit into smaller spaces as well.

    If you are undecided about buying an electric radiator or changing your whole home heating system, get in touch with Climastar today.

    They can offer you a free home survey to help you understand how electric heating can work in your home and fit in with your daily routines.

    Furthermore, if you buy a product from Climastar, an expert engineer will go through all the smart controls and settings with you.

    Hence you can learn how to get the most from your electric radiators immediately.

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