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Heating Up: The Internet of Things.

Heating Up: “The Internet of Things”

It’s definitely a phrase that’s been banded about for a while. We’re fast becoming a world where everything and everyone is connected. At the root of it all is the growth of The Internet, however we have found an invisible bridge between the wires, with the advent of Wi-Fi.

Every device in our modern world seems to be connected to the wider web in some way or other. Yet people ask: “Do I really want a self ordering fridge?” and  state “I’m not sure my cat will like the idea of an internet controlled robot vacuum cleaner”.

However bit by bit, the barriers to the access of these technologies have been broken. Internet controlled clocks, lighting, air conditioning, coffee machines, vacuum cleaners (sorry Tiddles!) and yes, home climate devices have made their way into many homesteads.

We’ve even lost barriers and borders around keyboards and mice in our daily lives, with voice controlled technology and household names like Alexa, Google Home etc. But, did you know?; The world of home heating with Wi-Fi has been around for a while – and wireless controlled thermostats have been around for just as long, if not longer.

With names like Hive, and Nest that entered the market some time ago: the possibility to control our home heating from our phones while being almost anywhere in the world became a reality. And we don’t even have to lift a finger!

Much like Iron Man & Jarvis in the world of Marvel, we can just say things, and our digital servants do the work for us.

We know that there is a lot of hesitation from some around “The Internet of Things” & Wi-Fi. With a technology that promises to break barriers and borders, how is it that we encounter such difficulties as a society?

There seems to be a cycle to this: New technologies and innovations immediately invoke suspicion and anxiety. Over time these become gradually accepted, and this is no different to the wider world with the development of the internet, mobile technology, and more recently The Internet of Things.

It’s not a new thing either – there was suspicion and panic over the telephone, television, and even the microwave oven.

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New frontiers & technologies can cause anxieties—it’s the fear of the unknown which can keep that mindset alive. However, the advent of Wi-fi and mobile technology has been around for quite some time.

Wi-Fi as we know it has been around for around 20 years. Mobile internet and the like a little longer. In the digital landscape, that’s several lifetimes! And it doesn’t seem to be going away any time soon—it is now a part of who we are and, and how we live our lives.

It does seem that by and large, in the last few years many more products & product types are joining “The Internet of Things”. In our current climate, for the innovator and the inventor, anything new that doesn’t connect to the internet or your phone in some way is pretty much a non starter.

You’re likely already familiar with the Harmony system – but with us presenting other products such as Electric boilers – we look at other connecting platforms such as Tado™.

As part of the Climastar family, we have a range of products that have Wi-Fi compatibility, with apps that allow that freedom of control, wherever you may be. We have online and phone support, and a wealth of knowledge and information at our (and your) fingertips.

A brave new world in Electric Heating Systems, awaits – and for us, it’s a warmer, more efficient and accessible one.


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