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Electric Boilers vs. Gas & Oil

Electric Boilers vs. Gas & Oil

Electric Boilers vs. Gas & Oil

Where to begin?

Comparing Electric Boilers vs. Gas & Oil boilers for heating & hot water can be a bit of a challenge.

Theres lot’s of questions to ask, including costs around installation, energy consumption use, ongoing maintenance, and even the impact on the environment.

To make things easier for you for you to compare boilers, we’ve put together a handy chart so that you can compare them side by side.

CostGas & OilElectric
Maintenance £Routine Maintenance on average £360 every 3 years in repair costs.Little to none.

Maintenance is not as heavily legislated due to zero carbon monoxide emissions and no risk of explosion.
 Lower life expectancy than electric boilerLess moving parts, more reliable
Annual Servicing £Up to £150 per yearLittle to none
Cost per kW £Still less expensive than electricityAs of March 2023: Around £0.35 per kW
Environmental ImpactNon renewable, consider carbon emissionsGreen technology, no pollution
Energy ConsumptionNot as efficient as electricityIt is a common misconception that electric and gas boilers consume the same amount of energy.

Generally. electric boilers consume less energy than gas or oil boilers.

A high quality electric boiler will consume slightly less than half the energy of a gas boiler.

(See Electric Boilers & ErP Rating Explained)
Property disruptionMay require a water cylinderNo cylinder required, saves space
 External flue requiredNo flues or outside wall required
 Limited positioning, depends on gas or oil inlet.Can be installed almost anywhere
 Can be noisyExtremely quiet in operation
  Pressurised unit, no need for a water pump with a power shower
Consumption KWh / YearGasElectric

Now, we are able to upgrade your existing gas or oil boiler to a more modern and efficient electric boiler.

With precision design, the Climastar Boiler range is produced to a very high standard. Climastar heating systems are a preferred choice for many homesteads that have no  gas supply or are seeking an alternatives to oil, or LPG and are looking for the best electric heating systems for homes. 

Feel free to visit our boilers page featuring both the Stromboli System boiler & the Thera Combi. 

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