Buying An Energy Efficient Electric Radiator : How It Can Save You Money
Buying an Energy Efficient Electric Radiator : How It Can Save You Money

What To Buy? Different Types of Electric Radiators

What To Buy? Different Types of Electric Radiators

There are many different types of electric radiators and for the purpose of this article, the focus will be on the Harmony range of Electric radiators from Climastar. However, there are other options, including;

  • Portable Radiators

You may already have a portable electric heater. Usually, it’s not the main source of heating, but an additional source which is convenient.

Being able to move a portable source of heat around the house means you can put it where you need it the most. Then, you could set the rest of the home to a lower temperature.

Even dropping your home heating by 1˚ could save you up to £80 a year in heating costs and also save on energy emissions. This is worth considering if you don’t want to completely switch to an electric heating system.

A small portable heater can start from £25.

  • Radiant Panel Heaters

A radiant electric panel or convection heater heats the air circulating within an enclosed area. That’s convection heating. Typically, hot elements push out hot air that later circulates around the room.

Panel heaters are more likely to be at the budget end of the electric heating spectrum. An electric wall mounted panel heater can start from around £70.

  • Electric Radiators

Whereas an electric radiator radiates heat stored within a heat retaining element, usually thermal fluid or ceramic. It uses radiation directly, a bit like the sun, moving from the heat source to the object directly.

Heating by radiation effectively cuts out the middle man, which in turn means there is less chance of losing energy.

Hence a convection heater needs more power to effectively heat a room, than an energy efficient electric radiator.

A slimline electric radiator starts from £140 up to a German electric radiator which begins at £415.

  • Harmony Electric Radiators from Climastar

If you are looking at changing your entire house to electric heating, then have a look at the products within the Harmony range from Climastar. Each one also works as a separate heater if you’re considering a hybrid heating system.

Electric radiators within the Harmony range from Climastar use a mix of both convection and radiant heating.

Each product is made using Magma Stone, which is manufactured using Aluminium and Silicon. By using Magma Stone, the Harmony electric radiators are excellent for both heat storage and heat transfer into the room.

Therefore, the room temperature stays stable, which reduces energy consumption.

With a Harmony heater, there is much less chance of wasting any energy at all. Every KiloWatt of heat produced is passed into the room.

Therefore, you know that your room is warm and you are saving money at the same time. A Harmony heater is an investment which can save you money in the longer term.

100% Energy Efficient Electric Radiators

Buying an electric radiator can also save you money because of its efficiency and the way it works.

Take a traditional central heating radiator for example. Basically, the gas boiler heats water up, which then travels through pipes to each radiator in your house.

So clearly, if the boiler is downstairs in a utility room, then the water has to travel some distance to make it to the upstairs bathroom and so on.

On this journey, there could be a large amount of heat loss. Either through the pipes themselves, due to the energy required to heat the water, or from the design of the radiator. Especially if it is an old and inefficient radiator.

However, an electric radiator doesn’t need pipework. And it’s not dependent on a central boiler system to function. Hence almost 100% of electrical energy is converted into heat.

Therefore you can use your electric radiators for less time and still achieve excellent warmth in the room. Meanwhile, you will also be cutting down on your heating bills.

What Are The Running Costs Of Electric Radiators?

Because electric radiators are more efficient, it means you can run them for less time than a traditional radiator.

According to the Energy Saving Trust, the standard rate for electricity on average is 16.36 pence per kilowatt hour. With on peak economy 7, this goes up to 20.03 pence and with off peak Economy 7, it falls to 9.76 pence.

There is also a ‘green’ tariff if you are looking for eco friendly energy. These tariffs are usually more expensive, but help to reduce your carbon footprint.

Basically, there is a wide range in what you pay for your electricity. It can fall to as low as 12.376 pence depending on your energy supplier.

Another factor is the size of the space that needs heating. This will make a difference to which size of radiator you choose. You will need an electric radiator with a higher output for a bigger space.

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