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Are Smart Electric Radiators The Future Of Heating

Are Smart Electric Radiators The Future Of Heating

In this article we discover whether smart electric radiators are the future of heating.

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    Traditional v Modern Electric Radiators

    When it comes to buying an electric radiator, you’ll be surprised at today’s modern examples. With sleek, aesthetic designs which can match the decor of your home, you may not even realise they are radiators!

    Today, the style of your home can be a factor in which electric radiator you choose to buy.

    Perhaps you still have traditional gas radiators in your home. Usually made of steel and available in just one colour, they can be bulky and take up valuable space. Furthermore, the pipes which carry water to the radiators may be unsightly and rusty.

    In terms of traditional electric heaters, there is the old portable bar heater which can be moved and plugged in wherever you need extra warmth. Then there are night storage heaters. These can be very basic and don’t allow you much control over your heating.

    In fact, the old manual night storage heaters are gradually being phased out and replaced by more efficient, automatic models.

    Traditional heaters, whether gas or electric were designed simply to warm homes. Not particularly with efficiency or attractiveness in mind.

    Times have changed. Contemporary electric radiators can save you money on your heating, reduce your carbon footprint and look amazing in your home at the same time. Modern electric radiators function at the highest possible standard.

    It’s called intelligent heating.

    What Is Intelligent Heating?

    Intelligent heating, or smart heating, allows you to control the temperature of your home in different rooms at different times. You can even do this remotely via an app on your phone, a specially designed remote control, or both.

    There’s no more worry about whether you left the heating on while you’re out of the house or you’re on holiday.  You are in total control of your heating.

    Climastar UK is a company which has over 27 years of pioneering modern and efficient electric heating systems. The new Harmony range of efficient electric radiators is exclusive to the UK.

    Are Smart Electric Radiators The Future Of Heating?

    Modern electric radiators are 100% efficient at the point of consumer use. Whereas even the most efficient “A” rated gas boiler can still only provide around 96% efficiency, which means you are paying for and wasting at least 4% of heating.

    That’s not to mention older gas boilers which have not been replaced for a long while. The lifespan of an efficient gas boiler is around 12-15 years. The older a boiler gets, the more inefficient it becomes.

    This is not the case with modern electric radiators. By choosing a Harmony heater from Climastar, you are investing in an electric radiator which can last a lifetime.

    Furthermore, electric radiators can work independently from each other and don’t rely on a central source like a gas boiler. This means you can warm up any room separately, instead of the whole house.

    The more precise control you have over your home heating, the more you can save on your electricity consumption.

    What’s more, the UK government has set a target of zero carbon by the year 2050. In fact, the aim is to cut emissions by 78% by 2035 compared to 1990 levels which will be over three quarters of the way.

    The UK government will look to meet this reduction target through investing and capitalising on new green technologies and innovation. Moreover, the government has already announced that all new homes will be banned from installing gas and oil boilers by 2025.

    Therefore as current home heating affects carbon levels to a large extent in the UK, this needs to change rapidly. Switching to an electric heating system can contribute to reducing carbon levels significantly.

    Hence smart electric radiators are the future of heating, so it’s worth finding out more about them now.

    Intelligent Heating Features : How They Work

    • WiFi

    Wi-Fi is the wireless technology used to connect computers, tablets, smartphones and even your heating controls to the internet (see more in Heating Up: The Internet of Things. – Climastar UK). The device transmits a radio signal back to the router, which connects to the internet by wire or cable.

    WiFi controlled electric radiators connect to your home router. Any changes you make to the temperature control via your phone or device are relayed over WiFi. Which means you can adjust the smart electric radiators almost instantly.

    For example, if you are out for the weekend and your heating is on low, you can adjust it via your phone so that its on a higher setting and your home is already warm on your return.

    Ultimately, Wi-Fi allows you to have full control over your heating system from anywhere in the world. So you cam even adjust it if you’re on holiday. Harmony efficient electric radiators from Climastar have the functionality to work with Wi-Fi technology.

    • Heating Cruise Control System

    With heating cruise control your system will adjust its own output to meet the necessary temperature of your environment. It’s the equivalent of cruise control in a car. The HACC technology is only available with Climastar products.

    Moreover, it can assess the correct amount of power required by the heater to maintain the set temperature in the room.

    • Smart Thermostat

    Did you know that according to the energy saving trust for every 1 degree increase in temperature, your energy bill can increase by up to 10%? Harmony electric radiators offer the most accurate temperature control in the industry.

    Each smart thermostat has a precision level of ±0.1˚C. This means that the Harmony radiator maintains a far more stable temperature in the room for a longer period of time.

    Hence consumption times are reduced, using less energy compared to other heaters.

    • Open Window Technology

    Harmony radiators incorporate open window technology which helps you to reduce energy consumption (as part of lot 20 legislation). For example, if a window or a door in your home is opened while the heating is on, the Harmony radiator will go into standby mode.

    The programming means it can understand the difference between a normal temperature change and a sudden temperature drop of 3˚C or more.

    Then, when the door or window is closed and the room temperature stabilises again, the Harmony radiator will come back to life and start to reheat the room.

    • Voice Control

    With a Harmony electric radiator connected to Wi-Fi, you can also make the most of its integration with smart home technology. Hence you can even control your heating through voice activation.

    So if you have a Google or Alexa home device, you can pair the apps with the Harmony radiator technology. You can say “Alexa, turn the heating down by 1 degree”. That’s complete control from the comfort of your sofa.

    Will Smart Electric Radiators Replace Gas Boilers

    As mentioned previously, the UK Government has set targets to achieve zero carbon by 2050.

    Are you aware that the energy used to heat the spaces where we live and work in is one of the highest contributors to our individual carbon footprints?

    In the UK, 40% of carbon emissions comes from households according to the energy saving trust.

    Naturally, exactly how much you are contributing depends on where you live and how you choose to heat your home.

    There is some good news. Since 1990, the average UK home’s carbon footprint has reduced by 4.7 tonnes of CO2. However, in order to stay on track to reach Government targets, a further reduction of 3.6 tonnes is needed by 2030.

    That’s why the government is phasing out gas boilers in new build homes from 2023. However, there isn’t a requirement for other homes to replace their gas boilers yet.

    If you have a gas boiler, you can still reduce your carbon footprint by using smart technology in order to get more control over your heating.

    For example, by improving insulation and using smart technology, the average household can reduce its emissions by 0.6 tonnes of CO2 per year. Which could also save £184 per year.

    However, converting your heating system fully to an electric one will significantly help to reduce your household heating emissions. Low-carbon generation could reduce emissions by 79% saving 1.25 tonnes of CO2 per year for the average home.

    How Much Is A Smart Electric Radiator

    If you’re not completely convinced about changing your home heating system to electric, you can try a hybrid system. So perhaps you choose one or two electric radiators to start with, then you will see how easy they are to control.

    However, in the long run, it may be more beneficial to switch to electricity completely.

    After the initial investment, there are many advantages to having an electric heating system. Firstly, they are often cheaper and quicker to install than a complete new gas boiler system.

    Secondly, they have fewer working parts and therefore don’t require much maintenance at all. In fact, you won’t need to spend money on regular safety checks because there is no gas element to it.

    Thirdly, they are much safer than a gas installation because there is no risk of carbon monoxide poisoning or water leakage.

    Modern Electric radiators can start from as little as £170 and rise to over £1000. However, it can save you money in the long run because it is 100% efficient at the point of use.

    Every unit of energy is converted into heat. Moreover, you are reducing your carbon footprint with little effort, all from the comfort of your lovely warm home.

    Harmony Electric Radiators From Climastar

    The Harmony brand of electric radiators from Climastar are made to look beautiful in your home whilst working as efficiently as possible.

    You can say goodbye to steel radiators hanging from the wall and rusting in the corner.

    These are modern, 21st century heaters with a design to give the look and feel of natural stone. They can be set on your wall as a feature, or shaped into a size to fit a smaller space.

    You can even ask for your radiator in a specific colour, or for your favourite image to be superimposed onto it. The Fuji radiator from Climastar is really a blank canvas for you to choose how you want it to look.

    Moreover, if you choose the Teide radiator, you can opt for it in a curve shape. This gives the best transfer of heat into a room and also looks beautiful.

    In summary, if you want to change your home heating system, then smart electric radiators are the future. Climastar UK offer a free home survey so you can get in touch today and see how electric radiators can work and look in your home.

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