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Introducing the Climastar HESS

The Future of Home Energy Storage

Revolutionise the way you store and use energy in your home with Climastar’s latest innovation: HESS, the home energy storage system. As a leading provider of energy-saving solutions, Climastar understands the importance of reducing CO2 emissions and how to help you save on energy costs.

With HESS, you can take control of your energy costs by maximising your savings using the cheapest and cleanest energy available.

Top up your energy supply using a Day/Night tariff or use a Time of Use (ToU) tariff to buy energy when it is cheaper and use that energy to power your home during peak charging times.

In order to understand your energy profile and to allow Climastar to calculate your energy savings, we offer a free no no-obligation home survey. Just get in touch!

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Why Choose HESS

Maximise Savings without Solar with the Climastar HESS

The Climastar HESS offers instant savings by using cheap nighttime grid or Time of Use cleaner energy to power your home, providing a great return on investment without the need for solar panels. HESS outperforms any alternative on the market today, making it the clear choice for homeowners. With a guaranteed minimum lifespan of 10 years and 10,000 cycles, the

Climastar HESS lasts longer than other batteries, making it more than 20% cheaper per lifetime kWh.

The Climastar HESS also features the fastest charge/discharge rate (1C) available, allowing you to further save on energy costs by accessing more amounts of lowest cost grid energy.

Additionally, with its IP65 rating, the HESS can withstand all weather conditions, making it suitable for outdoor installation. In short, the Climastar HESS is the best, fastest, smartest, and most cost-effective home energy storage solution available. Get in touch and start saving today.

Backup Protection and Ease of Installation

Enjoy peace of mind with HESS’s backup protection feature. Our Emergency Power Sockets allow you to access stored energy during power cuts, ensuring that you never experience a loss of power or lighting. Our experienced installers will complete a hassle-free installation for you, so you can start benefiting from HESS right away.