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Climastar UK Electric Heating FAQs

Whether you’re curious about our product range, installation process, energy efficiency, or thermostat functionality, this section provides concise answers to help you make informed decisions and optimise your heating experience.

Just follow the instructions of below diagram:

Thermostat Diagram

We remind you to use only alkaline batteries, never rechargeable batteries.

No, never. Programming will be always there. Only date and time will have to be updated after batteries replacement.

To lock the thermostat just press the MODE key and the DOWN arrow key at the same time until a small lock icon will appear on screen, then release. To unlock the thermostat, we will follow the same steps. Please note the lock icon below in the image:

Lock Screen Thermostat

Yes, you can go to the videos section on our website.

You can manage 5 different radiators at the same time with only one external thermostat.

In order to optimise the management of the Harmony radiator by the external programmable thermostat we recommend to leave or place the thermostat on a wall, on an easy-access shelf or a piece of furniture, at a height of 1,50 m. If you place it on a wall, please place it on an interior wall.

It is better if you do not locate your thermostat where it can be exposed to direct heat or sunlight (chimneys, sunlight exposure) neither near airflows (windows, doors).

Please check below image to see the recommended and not recommended places:External Thermostat Location

Yes, it is totally safe to install these heaters on a wooden wall.

This mode reduce automatically the room selected temperature by 3ºC. It is a very good option for short absences or as set temperature during the night when you go to bed.

It is a function that avoids the extra consumption of the heating system when you open a window or a door on a heated room. Different pressure level between hot and cold air makes that the heat just ran away very quick from a room when a window or door is open.

Harmony detects this heat lost and stops its performance until the temperature is again stabilised in the room by closing the door or window.

Heaters do not need any special maintenance. You can wash it with a moistened cloth or with any conventional product.

We recommend at the beginning of the year’s heating season to vacuum the bottom part of the heater because dust can be accumulated in the bottom grid and this may affect the natural convection air flow.

Yes you can paint the front stone of Harmony heaters (only applicable to the Fuji range). Since the stone has been produced to stand the test of time, it is necessary to add a previous coating for waterproof surfaces to the front panel. Then you can add any kind of paint that can support 70ºC. Coating for waterproof surfaces and paint for this temperature are standard products that you can purchase in any paint shop. Before painting do not forget to unplug the heater (socket switch) and cover the exposed upper and bottom metal grids to avoid paint drops inside the heater.

To enter the settings menu to change the date/time/automatic program schedule, hold the MODE key for ~10 seconds until “WIFI INI” disappears and the day of the week flashes on the display.

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