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5 Money Saving Tips Using Energy Efficient Electric Radiators

In this article you will discover 5 money saving tips using energy efficient electric radiators.

Table of contents:

    Electric v Gas Radiator, What’s The Difference?

    Can you really save money by installing electric radiators in your home? The answer is Yes.

    Although electricity costs more per kilowatt hour than gas currently, this may not always be the case in the future. The running costs of an electric radiator may appear more expensive than gas, however, the efficiency of electric radiators means you can save money in the longer term.

    So how does an electric radiator work?

    Each electric radiator contains a heating element which heats up and expands as electricity is sent through the system.

    This is usually an oil or a thermodynamic fluid called glycol. Then, the fluid gives off heat as it expands, which warms the air in the room.

    Electric radiators can either be hardwired into the system or plug into the mains electric socket.

    Meanwhile, gas radiators use a central heating system to work. A central gas boiler heats the water, which then travels through the pipes in your home to the radiators.

    As the hot water travels, you lose some heat from the pipes which heats the walls instead of the space. Furthermore, you can’t isolate one radiator from the other.

    You need to turn the heating on, which then sends heat through the whole house, even if you just want to warm up the living room. Hence, you are wasting a large portion of heat you are paying for.

    Benefits of Electric Radiators

    Unlike gas radiators, there are no moving parts in electric radiators. Therefore they don’t require regular maintenance.

    If you think about how gas radiators work, you might need to bleed them or balance them fairly often, particularly if they are old. Sometimes there are cold spots in the house if the radiators are not working efficiently.

    Whereas, this isn’t the case with electric radiators. As long as the electricity supply is working, there is very little that can go wrong. In addition to this, electric radiators last a long time. Usually, the life span of a gas boiler is around 12-15 years, if well looked after.

    Therefore, you will need to replace the gas boiler for a new one every 12 years at a cost of around £2,000 upwards.

    Meanwhile, an electric radiator from Climastar can last a lifetime.

    5 Money Saving Tips Using Energy Efficient Electric Radiators

    So now you can see the benefits of electric radiators, here are 5 ways you can save money by switching to an electric heating system.

    1. Efficiency

    Electric radiators are 100% efficient at the point of use. This means that they don’t lost heat from the space. Every kilowatt of energy is transferred into heat. Hence, the heat you are paying for is being used to its maximum effect.

    Whereas, even the most efficient A rated gas boiler can only provide up to 94% efficiency. The minimum performance standard in the UK is 92%. Therefore, you could be losing up to 8% of energy from your home, energy you are paying for to be wasted.

    Hence, with 100% efficiency, you can actually save money on your energy bills with electric radiators, if you programme them to work smartly with your lifestyle.

    2. Individual Control

    One of the main benefits to electric radiators is that you can use and control each one separately.

    Therefore, you can heat the study when you’re working in the daytime, without heating the whole house. Or the bathroom in the evening without needing to heat the study.

    Basically, with gas central heating, you don’t have that level of control. If the heating is on, it heats the whole house. Hence, once again you are wasting heat which is being used to warm up empty rooms.

    Therefore, you can save money here by saving energy. Your heating bills will be less if you are not using as much energy.

    3. Smart Controls

    A third way to save money is by programming your electric radiators even more specifically. Modern electric radiators come with smart thermostats and controls. Which gives you practically total control over your heating.

    For example, with Climastar, your electric radiator comes with a smart thermostat and wifi connectivity. It means you can upload an app on your phone or device and control your heating at the press of a button.

    So if you go out after work and you stay for a bit longer, you can keep your heating off. Then switch it on again just before you come home.

    Or, you can programme your heating using smart controls. So you can have a programme that runs in the daytime, one in the evenings, and a different one for weekends when your daily life might change again. Thus you are using your heating to suit your lifestyle.

    Meanwhile, gas central heating provides you with the limited controls of on or off. You may have radiator valves or a smart thermostat to help make it more efficient, but you can’t get the level of control and flexibility that electric radiators can give you.

    Therefore you are saving money on energy bills by using your heating wisely and specifically to suit your needs.

    4. Maintenance and Installation

    Fourthly, electric radiators are easy to install. You could start with a free standing electric radiator which can simply plug into the mains. As opposed to a gas boiler which needs a qualified expert to fit and install the central boiler as well as the radiators.

    In addition to this, a gas boiler requires a flue to pump the emissions out of the house. Furthermore, the old boiler has to be taken out along with any added installations which are no longer needed. As well as this, if you have monthly boiler cover, that can quickly add up too.

    Furthermore, there is a risk with water radiators that they can leak. This could happen from the radiator itself or the pipes around your home. A particularly bad leak could cause water damage your property.

    Whereas there is no risk of water leakage from an electric radiator. Even an oil filled electric radiator has minimal risk because its a self contained unit which doesn’t require pipework to heat the room.

    Therefore, you can save money by installing an electric radiator yourself. And there’s no regular maintenance or boiler cover, so your initial outlay is less than a new gas boiler.

    However, if you choose an electric radiator from the Harmony range at Climastar, you will need an expert for the initial installation. This is because each radiator is designed to suit the purpose of your lifestyle and heating requirements.

    They can be wall mounted or free standing. With a design and style to suit your personality and to match the space you want to heat.

    Nevertheless, installing electric radiators even with an expert can be cheaper than a new gas central heating system.

    As well as this, once the Harmony electric radiators are in, they don’t require any regular maintenance. So you save money because you are not spending it on regular checks by a gas plumber.

    5. No Fuel Costs

    As you know gas is a fossil fuel. Ultimately, one day, we will run out of gas and we need to be looking at other ways to heat our homes now.

    Furthermore, this means that the cost of gas will increase as supplies become scarcer. And one day, gas systems may become obsolete altogether.

    Using a gas central heating system means you are burning fuel to heat your home. The fuel produces harmful emissions including carbon dioxide which is then released into the atmosphere.

    Notably, the majority of household C02 emissions in the UK comes from heating, including our hot water. This is above the level for transport, electricity, agriculture or flying.

    With this in mind, the UK government has set a goal to reach net zero carbon emissions by 2050. In order to achieve this, household emissions from heating and hot water in the UK must reduce by 95% according to the energy saving trust.

    By switching to an electric heating system, you are not burning any fossil fuels directly. Hence you are not creating any carbon emissions by heating your home.

    However, as it currently stands, the UK government still uses gas to generate electricity. Therefore, your electric heating system operates by using electricity partly generated by gas.

    Nonetheless, this will change in time as more electricity is created by renewable energy sources. By using electric heating and renewable energy, you can have an efficient, cheaper and sustainable home heating system.

    So, even though electricity tariffs can be more expensive than gas, using electric radiators can reduce your heating bills significantly. Therefore, you could cut your energy usage to the point that electricity works out cheaper than gas in the end.

    Modern Property Design v Traditional Property

    Electric heating works well in both modern properties and traditional properties. Modern homes are designed with better insulation levels to improve energy efficiency.

    Therefore there is a reduction in heat loss. Basically, this means that electric radiators will be even cheaper to run, because the property is already well insulated, you will probably need to use the heating less.

    And thanks to the ability to control an electric radiator, you can put it on only when you need it.

    Whereas a traditional property may not be as well insulated. However, you can use the smart controls that come with an electric heating system to target the heating where you need it the most, rather than heating empty rooms.

    In traditional or listed homes, the ceilings may be higher too. This creates more space for the radiator to heat. Nonetheless, due to the way Harmony electric heaters work, this extra space is heated quickly, and much faster than if you use a traditional water radiator.

    Hence with electric radiators, you don’t need to wait a long time for the room to heat up.

    Therefore, you can still make savings with electric heating, even if you live in an older property.

    Why Switch To Electric Heating

    To sum up, using energy efficient electric radiators can save you money in the long term. There are low start up costs and you save money on maintenance and replacement.

    Furthermore, due to the level of control with your electric radiators, you can easily save energy which means you are then saving money on your heating bills.

    If you have an inefficient or particularly old gas boiler, not only are you wasting energy, it’s also likely that you are contributing more to harmful gas emissions without intending to.

    Remember, a gas boiler only lasts around 12-15 years to work effectively. As boilers age, they become less efficient. Hence if you have a gas boiler that’s over 15 years old, you should replace it with a more efficient one.

    With this in mind, if you do need to replace it, now is a great time to consider an electric heating system instead. Meanwhile, if you don’t want to replace your whole home heating system, you can consider replacing individual heaters with electric radiators.

    This allows you more control over your heating at a low cost. Ideally, this works in bathrooms, conservatories and home offices. Rooms you may want to heat at different times to the rest of the house.

    Buying Energy Efficient Electric Radiators

    Climastar has been manufacturing electric heating systems for over a quarter of century. The company sells heaters in over 20 countries worldwide. Its new Harmony range is available exclusively in the UK.

    You may not think of a radiator as being a beautiful product. Ordinary radiators are normally made from white steel or metal, they can peel or rust and look unsightly. The Climastar Harmony range is not ordinary.

    This is an alternative way to heat your home.

    Within the Harmony range are three designer radiators to choose from, as well as a bathroom range, each with its own style and available in different sizes and finishes. So you can even match your radiator to your home decor.

    Moreover, the radiators are 100% efficient at the point of use and affordable to run. Contact Climastar at and request a free home survey today.