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Welcome to the Harmony Brand by Climastar UK.

CLIMASTAR UK  has been heating homes for the last 27 years, pioneering the creation of modern and efficient heating systems. We are fully committed to the development and production of the most efficient and controllable electrical heating available. We build beautiful heating systems that ensure we reduce your energy consumption by quickly heating rooms and only using energy when you need it.

The Harmony Range range carry a lifetime guarantee in our MAGMA silicon batteries and a 10-year all parts and all labour guarantee covering our heaters. Wireless Thermostats and receivers are guaranteed for 2 years. The HARMONY range by Climastar UK guarantees to future proof your heating

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What we offer

The Harmony Range of heaters, heaters not only look beautiful, they also work beautifully, delivering total heating control for the customer and ensuring our customers’ homes are kept warm even on the coldest of days. We believe these are the best electrical heaters on the market today.

Electric Heaters
Our Story - Lifestyle Photo - Harmony by Climastar
Electric Heating
Electric Radiators
Energy Efficient Electric Heater
Electric Heaters
Our Story - Lifestyle Photo - Harmony by Climastar
Electric Heating
Electric Radiators
Energy Efficient Electric Heater

CLIMASTAR UK means Energy Saving.

This is true intelligent heating. The Harmony heaters are the only heaters that work on a trickle charge technology and Heating Cruise Control.

There are no other heaters that use this system.

Once the room reaches temperature the HARMONY heaters drop their power and heat the room using the energy stored in the Silicon Battery.

Climastar UK is the all-in-one solution for reducing your CO2 footprint and minimising energy usage.

The Harmony Range uses the most accurate thermostatic control system, reducing energy costs.

For every 1 degree increase in temperature, your energy bill increases by up to 10%. HARMONY radiators offer the most accurate temperature control in the industry, providing the best thermal stability and avoiding heat fluctuations. Harmony thermostats have a precision of ± 0.05 °C. This means that the HARMONY radiator will maintain a far more stable temperature in the room for a longer period of time. Consumption time periods will be reduced; therefore, less energy is used compared to the other types of heaters.

Climastar UK - Smart Controls

Smart Controls mean User friendly systems.


Control your Harmony heaters from your smartphone. Monitor your energy usage in real time. Using Geolocation, it can switch your heaters on and off when you leave the house or return home. Usable with Amazon Alexa and Google Home.

(Requires Wi-Fi)


The Harmony Controller, allows the customer to set the required temperature in every room. It shows the exact room temperature, the set temperature and current working program. Three temperature programmes. Auto, Manual or Economy.


Temperatures can be easily modified at the touch of a button. You have absolute flexibility to adjust the heating around your daily or weekly routines. You can rest assured that your system is working with your lifestyle and routine.


Uses minimum power consumption to maintain temperature, this increases efficiency and reduces consumption. Sends out a predictive pulse every 3 seconds to monitor consumption and temperature.


CLIMASTAR is committed to environmental sustainability.

CLIMASTAR is totally committed to working and manufacturing our products in accordance with ISO 14001 which is the Environmental Management System which guarantees environmental care and sustainability. Not only do we wish to minimise the negative impact on our ecosystem, we also continuously strive to improve and produce increasingly advanced and efficient product with minimum energy consumption.

No pollutant products.

The CLIMASTAR product range does not produce gases or fumes, nor do they directly emit any pollutants to the environment when operating. They can be used with renewable energy sources coming from natural resources such as sun or wind.

Please join us in reducing the carbon footprint, and together we can combat its negative impact.

Sustainability Harmony Climastar UK

Product Range

Radiators that improve the decor of any room while keeping it warm all year around.

Magma Stone

Magma stone means energy saving.

Magma stone is manufactured under 400kg/cm² of pressure and then baked at 1200c. It is manufactured the same way as natural stone is made, only with heat and pressure. Magma Stone is manufactured using Aluminium and Silicon.  That is why we call it Silicon Technology. Silicon and Aluminium is used to assist with heat storage and heat transfer into the room. With Magma, we guarantee the best heat transfer for longer, therefore keeping the room temperature stable to within 1c and reducing energy consumption. So you stay warmer and reduce your carbon footprint.

Because of the way we manufacture the front panel, heat is transferred in a totally uniformed way. The Harmony heater is truly Homogeneous. Other heaters with fluting, such as German designed heaters can not transfer heat in the same way. German heaters pass heat from an internal clay core, which then has to pass through a fluted steel casing, so a barrier is created that reduces the efficiency of the transference of heat into the room. With Harmony, every KiloWatt of heat produced is passed into the room, so the room stays warmer and the costs are less.

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Energy Saving Electric Heating
Energy Saving Electric Radiators


Teide is a unique product that produces an unrivalled heating experience. Teide, like all of our Harmony heaters, is made using Magma Stone, however, it is the only stone finish radiator in the world that can be manufactured in a curve.

The radiation angle of the curved Teide is 180 degrees and this allows the heater to transfer heat across the room faster than a flat panel heater. It is totally unique and involves a very specialised manufacturing process which allows us to mould the shape of the stone to give better heat distribution and reduce consumption.

The Teide range comes in two finishes, these being Grey Teide and Dark Teide.

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Fuji comes in our Cashmere White finish but can be customised to a variety of finishes. Our standard Cashmere White finish is a flat panel finish, so it will blend in with any wall colour or wall covering.

It can be painted to any colour or a mixture of colours. It is truly a blank canvas. Leave it in its beautiful natural finish, or paint it to match your décor or contrast your décor. If you wish to do so, we can superimpose the Fuji heater with a favourite photograph, or any image of your choosing to make the Fuji range as unique as you are.

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Fuji Electric Radiator
Etna Electric Radiator


Etna is a product of natural beauty. Our designers have created this heater to look and feel like natural stone.

Etna comes in two finishes. Black Etna or White Etna. Both are shaped and sculpted to reveal the undulations that you will only see in a natural product.

Manufactured under 400kg/cm² of pressure, and baked in our ovens at 1200c, no other heaters can create the luxury product that is Etna.

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Bathroom Range

Keeping your bathroom warm and dry is important. Poorly heated bathrooms are a breeding ground for mould and dampness.

That is harmful to your health and the fabric of your building. The Harmony range is the perfect way to heat and enjoy your bath or shower time, allowing you to stay warm and comfortable every day.

The Harmony bathroom range comes in a variety of styles and colours. They are waterproof IP24 rated, so they fully comply with Building regulations. These are all slimline radiators, so they won’t take up too much space on your bathroom wall.

Because they are made from natural stone, they won’t chip or rust like German steel made radiators, so they will look just as beautiful in 20 years’ time as they do today. Magma stone carries a lifetime warranty. It never deteriorates, will retain its natural colour without fading even if positioned in direct sunlight. You can add a variety of towel rails or drying hooks to keep your towels warm and fluffy for when you want to use them.

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Dark Teide Electric Radiator
White Etna Electric Radiator
Black Etna Harmony Electric Radiator
White Etna Harmony Electric Radiator
Dark Teide Harmony Electric Radiators
White Etna Electric Radiator
Black Etna Harmony Electric Radiator
White Etna Harmony Electric Radiator
Dark Teide Harmony Electric Radiators